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DMIIW – Terri Shockley


Today’s podcast features Theresa Shockley, Artistic Director of the Community Education Center (CEC). Stay Tuned!

The Community Education Center (CEC) was founded in 1973 to serve the culturally and economically diverse neighborhoods of West Philadelphia. Since the mid-1980’s, the CEC has served as a center for community arts. Through the arts, the CEC has established itself as a vibrant and unique neighborhood resource that is strategically important as a meeting place to create common ground and nurture a sense of shared community and culture among people of differing backgrounds. It serves as an important anchor to the business strip and other artistic energy growing on Lancaster Avenue. It addresses the needs of area residents by providing access to low-cost cultural and family activities, as well as public space that is used for civic meetings and social events. At the same time it provides space and technical support to arts and educational organizations and individual artists who often do not have access to affordable office, rehearsal and performance space. The CEC is the intersection of the community and the arts, bringing community residents, audience from across the region, and local artists together in an incubator to nurture and grow together.

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