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171 – David O’Connor takes on Deborah Franklin


In our first interview as part of our Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Bi-Local Series coverage, I, Mr. Radford sit in a lively courtyard and have a chat with David O’Connor, director of “The Life and Times of Deborah Franklin”. Stay Tuned!

Did you know that the Constitutional Catalyst and Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, had a lovingly devoted spouse by the name of Deborah Read Franklin? Charming, warm, wise, fearless and abundantly opinionated, the unsung First Lady of Philadelphia takes her long-overdue leap into the historic limelight in this entertaining world premiere. Written and directed by Philadelphia’s own Dr. Roberta Sloan of Temple University, this witty and vivid portrayal of colonial America is all about the “forgotten founding mother,” and how Ben Franklin could not have become who he was without her.

This episode is Powered by The Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

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