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DMIIW – Whit McLaughlin


Today’s podcast features Whit McLaughlin, Founder of New Paradise Laboratories. Whit sits with Todd to talk about their upcoming Philadelphia Live-Arts and Philly Fringe Festival production of “Extreme Public Displays Of Privacy”. Stay Tuned!

New Paradise Laboratories (NPL) was founded to create surprising, meticulous, spiritually challenging, and wholly distinctive experimental theatre productions that investigate physical expression, on-stage and in life. These productions are assembled using collaborative creative processes developed by the company. The work tends to value wild humor, shock, a concern for history, a muscular visual sensibility, and a fascination with the utopian impulse. Furthermore, NPL uses the fruits of its experimentation to benefit the artistic and audience community as a whole.[1]


Founded in 1996 by Whit MacLaughlin, NPL has created an average of one original performance work each year since its founding. Their work has been presented as part of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe, the Humana Festival of New American PlaysChildren’s Theatre Company, and in residencies with universities all over the United States.

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