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1812’s – Mistakes Were Made!


Today’s podcast features Barrymore Award winner Scott Greer and Amanda Grove in the 1812 Productions…production of “Mistakes Were Made”, written By: Craig Wright! This episode was recorded on the first day of tech. Join us at Plays and Players Theater and ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a producer! Stay Tuned!


Featuring Barrymore Award winner Scott Greer in the lead role, Mistakes Were Made is a fantastic comedy romp through language and logistics. Felix Artifex is a Broadway producer with one last shot at making his mark in the world of theatre. After years of selling mediocre, big money projects, Felix makes the dangerous move of backing a new, original work and takes on the challenge of abandoning schlock for art—in a single afternoon. With his phone, his secretary, and his over-fed coy fish companion, Felix does what he does best: pushing, cajoling, sweet talking, and threatening everyone brave enough to take his calls. Changing his demeanor, or his story, depending on who is on the other end of the line, Felix moves at break-neck speed to make the art that will, in turn, make his career. On taking on the role of Felix Artifex, Scott Greer says, “It is a rare treat to work on a play in which the ideas and characters are as sharp as the dialogue. Craig Wright’s stuff just crackles. Felix in Mistakes Were Made is desperate, funny, loathsome, and a weird kind of mensch, all at the same time. It’ll be a ride, for sure.”

For Tickets and Information:  www.1812productions.org

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