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DMIIW – Emma Gibson


Today’s podcast features local Director Emma Gibson. Stay Tuned as Todd tests her chops on this episode of DIRECT ME.

Brilliantly casual theatre is served up alongside a pie (slice of pizza) and a pint (drink of choice) all for one low price. A new one-act play is presented each week in October on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6 – 7pm at The Red Room, Society Hill Playhouse.

Tickets are just $15 and include pizza and a pint. Purchase tickets online or, do one better, support the season for a few dollars more and receive a fun gift or two! Don’t wait, lend your support today! http://www.kickstarter…

Theatre as it should be — fun, accessible, and casual.

Full season schedule:

October 4th and 5th at 6pm
“Peaches en Regalia”
by Steve Lyons, Produced by David O’Connor

October 11th and 12th
by Quinn D. Eli, Produced by Philadelphia Theatre Workshop

October 17th and 18th
“Fly me to the moon”
by Marie Jones, Produced by Tiny Dynamite

October 25th and 26th
“The Ching Room”
by Alan Bissett, Produced by Inis Nua Theatre Company

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