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Be a Producer on REP RADIO!

Hello Theatre Community!
It’s that other RADIO Program, you know, the one “Breaking the fourth wall to give you an inside look at the plays and the players”! With over 200 episodes under our belt and creeping up on our 3rd year serving the theatre community, we are looking for some new voices for the network!
Since 2009, Chris Morse, Peter Danzig, Jenn MacMillan, Michael Brinckman, Clara Elser, Todd Holtsberry, Kristen Scatton, Christopher Haig, Jonny Wray, Daniel Corti, Andrew Cowles and a few other unsung heroes have been so warmly welcomed onto your stages, into your theatres, favorite coffee shops, bars, make-shift performance spaces, rehearsal rooms, talkbacks, workshops, award shows and opening nights to tell the world why you are so special! We have done this all as volunteers and it has been our pleasure!
We now have 5 podcasts up and running and a few more coming in the year! We have proven that all it takes is a little pride (and an aggressive social media campaign) to showcase all of you and I personally am YOUR #1 FAN!
With that said, we are looking for a few new voices to join the team as Producers! Wow! Promotions! Producers help us not only host the interviews but, also schedule, edit and post them on our very well-organized website, repadio.org.
We are looking to fill the following in April 2012…

******************** REP RADIO PODCAST NETWORK ***************
Co-Producer/Host — ACTING OUT
Discovering that there is more to an actor’s performance on stage and off.
Co-Producer/Host — DIRECT ME IF I’M WRONG
Find out who really steers the production from start to finish.
Break open the boxes and discover how life experiences and observations make their way from the writer’s mind to the stage.
Co-Producer/Host — OUT OF SIGHT
Find out what’s waiting in the wings, what’s being called over the god mic, what the hell is a ghost light?

******************** NEW FOR 2012 !!! ***************
Co-Producer/Host — GEEK WAX — Cause there’s more to life than the stage! (Coming in April 2012)
Co-Producer/Host — REPRESENTED.tv — The video component tying it all together! (Coming in the FALL of 2012)
If you are interested in joining our team for the 2012-13 season, please send your headshot and resume to [email protected]
Interested parties will conduct a mock interview with me, Darnelle Radford! So, if you love this community as much as we do, GET REPRESENTED!! Join REP RADIO!
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