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Chris Davis lets us INSIDE


Today’s podcast meets with Chris Davis, local playwright whom we’ve covered before but, not for his work as a writer. We talk about his time in Mexico, support for a working artist and advice for the up and coming. Stay Tuned!

Come see to the first ever public reading of Candy Candy, a new play by Chris Davis. This play is in development and truly needs an audience. Also, it’s pay what you can at the Shubin Theatre!

We have an amazing cast that has been working with the script:

Candy – Adriana Lopez
Abuela – Victor Rodriguez
Tia – Kennedy Candra
Enrique/Susannah – Kate Black-Regan
Terry/Antony – Chris Braak
Benefactor/Dad – Aaron Cromie

Candy is a young girl living in Chiapas, Mexico, when she finds that a blonde wig transports her to a fictionalized fantasy world full of lovers, travel, and dreams. Soon the two worlds of reality, and fantasy collide, in this hilarious comedy.

Some free drinks will be provided at the reading!

Location: Shubin Theatre (4th & Bainbridge)
Date: Wednesday, April 25th
Time: 8pm


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