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185 – Boston Marriage


Today’s podcast finds us wondering if we should change our name to 1812 Radio! We love Philadelphia’s All Comedy Theatre so much that we have covered every show this season! Truly a cavalcade of stars here! Stay Tuned for a politically charged interview with the ladies of Mamet’s “Boston Marriage”, directed by Jennifer Childs! Stay Tuned!










From celebrated American playwright David Mamet (American Buffalo, Glengarry Glen Ross), Boston Marriage is the caustically funny story of Anna, Claire, and their Scottish maid, Catherine. Anna and Claire share a life together, but in late 19th century America, discretion and outside resources are a necessity. To that end, Anna takes up with a wealthy older man, and Claire finds her heart strings being pulled in a decidedly younger direction. These clandestine affairs set into motion a raucous series of events where classes clash and Anna and Claire have only their wits and a cache of social legerdemain to keep them from a stay at the local jail.

These women are complicated and while we certainly see their love for one another there is a nastiness about both of them that is delicious.”

For more information: http://1812productions.org


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