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New Paradise Laboratories – 27


Today’s podcast continues our coverage of the Philadelphia Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival with Whit MacLaughlin of New Paradise Laboratories talking about the Live Arts production of “27”! Stay Tuned!








ABOUT “27”

“If you don’t have a direction in life by the age of 27, you’ve got to wonder if maybe you’re screwed.” Whit MacLaughlin, director of 27

“The group’s multilayered projects are playfully absurdist critiques of society at large—magnetically visual . . . with an emphasis on being immersive to the point of submersion.” A.D. Amorosi, The Philadelphia Inquirer

It’s dusk in a country with an invisible flag. The inhabitants party hard, celebrating their way too-early deaths. They are the champions of inconsistency. They are the zombie fuck-ups. They are 27.

Welcome to the afterlife. Where the laws of the universe are ignored. Where life is brilliant. Where victory means self-destruction in the most pleasurable way possible. And defeat means fading from view.

New Paradise Laboratories returns to its roots in this muscular live performance. 27 examines maturity as a kind of tribulation, a labor against the laws of the universe that endures into death.


New Paradise Laboratories (NPL) is an experimental performance ensemble, creating innovative projects in a variety of media. 27 debuts a new company of NPL performer-collaborators.

27 has been supported by the Independence Foundation’s New Theatre Works Initiative, the Wyncote Foundation, and the Theatre Communications Group’s New Generations Program. 27 has also been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative.





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