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“Jawbone” will tickle your FUNNY BONE


Today’s podcast features the “unique” and sorted bunch known as “Jawbone Junction”. This southern Rock N Roll band will make its debut in the Philadelphia Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival in a venue known as The Twisted Tail! Stay Tuned!


This show is 21+ only: Legends of the Arkansas Delta pool halls and juke joints, Juction rocks Philly for the first time in a three-night stand at The Twisted Tail. Their brand of pure Southern rock-‘n’-roll is the perfect way to end a night at the Festival with some booze and cheap thrills. Try not to lose your panties.

Not so much a Rock n’ Roll band, but gods on Earth are Jawbone Junction when in their native Arkansas. Named after the little town they hail from on the banks of the Arkansas River, Jawbone Junction have been legends in the Delta region for the past decade. It’s even said if you stand in the forest anywhere between Baton Rouge and Memphis and ask the wind “Who is the greatest Southern Rock band of all?”, the wind will quietly answer “Junction…Junction.” On the final leg of their first tour north of the Mason-Dixon, the band comes to Philadelphia for a face melting three night stand at the Twisted Tail.





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