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Chomsky Vs. Buckley


Today’s podcast is on e for the history books! I had the pleasure of meeting with writer Bruce Walsh to talk about his Fringe production “Chomsky Vs. Buckley” which will take place in his house as the characters serve food and drinks and the cats steal the show! This goes down in history as the longest REP RADIO interview and I let just about all of it in! Stay Tuned!









The playwright of past Live Arts Festival shows The Guided Tour and Northern Liberty, invites you into his home for an experiment in language and morality. He has convinced his roommates to memorize the 1969 Noam Chomsky vs. William F. Buckley debate, and perform it as they prepare and serve hors d’oeuvres.

Bruce Walsh is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia. He currently writes plays, articles, stories and poems. He is a regular contributor to the Philadelphia Metro, where he reports on book releases, higher education, and local artists of all disciplines. Full length plays: WILLIAM WEATHERSBY (2007 National Playwrights Conference Semifinalist) and WHISKY NEAT (Produced by Azuka Theatre in 2009). Site-specific plays: THE GUIDED TOUR (2004, 2006 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival) and NORTHERN LIBERTY (2005 Live Arts). Co-written plays include: ONCE (Produced by Brat Productions in 2002). Short plays include: DASEIN (2002 Philly Fringe), WOUNDED BODY (2000 Philly Fringe).


VIDEO: http://youtube.com/watch?v=esxDMMvFpwo&feature=BFa&list=PL899398E3C3D47FB0


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