Today’s podcast features Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod, one of my favorite people talking about the Naked Feed Productions offering, “Lysistrata”! The production sends a powerful message that barters ending war for sex. Stay Tuned!










A hilarious adaptation of Aristophanes’s classic battle of the sexes. The women of Greece withhold sex from their men until they agree to stop warring! A timeless statement about men, women, war and love! Adapted by Robert Zaller, directed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod, and starring Lili Bita.

THE THEATRE COOPERATIVE, founded in 1975, presents original, adapted, and avant-garde works for the stage. It has participated with the Fringe Festival for the past fifteen years, most recently with its production of The Bacchae. NAKED FEET PRODUCTIONS is committed to creating original works and recreating old works which deconstruct our mythology, figuratively and literally. Recent credits include Women of Fire and Blood written & directed by Lili Bita; performed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod.