F. Otto Haas Award Nominee — Charlotte Ford


Today’s podcast catches up with the vivacious Charlotte Ford on her second nomination for the F. Otto Haas Award for Emerging Theatre Artist. Over a few pastries and coffee, Charlotte recaps her year and let’s us in on the future for her and the value of F. Otto Haas Award! Stay Tuned!


Charlotte Ford — is a Philadelphia-based theatre artist who creates avant-garde slapstick performance art that celebrates sublime stupidity with joyful abandon. She has toured her original work to the Traverse Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the London Barbican as part of the London Mime Festival, and the Paris Maison de Métallos as part of Festival Paris Quartier d’ét&ecaute;. Original, collaboratively devised work includes CHICKEN,Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl (Fringe First, Edinburgh, 2010, short-listed for Total Theatre Award) and the upcoming 2012 Philadelphia Live Arts debut of a new project with Emmanuelle Delpech, Sarah Sanford and Lee Etzold that explores female sexuality and the funny/sexy divide through clown.