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Reuben Mitchell — The Soundtrack Series












So, in May of 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting Dana Rossi of the New York-based storytelling offering, “The Soundtrack Series”. What a great idea, songs, stories, stories about songs. Dan brought this awesome project to Philadelphia and the first installment featured our family favorites Tyler Melchior and Reuben Mitchell. When we heard about Reuben’s tragic and early departure from this world, I reached out to Dana to see if she had the recording of the story to share. Their file was a miss, however, I recorded the event in the audience and sent the file to Dana. Dana added Reuben’s story to the podcast this week and I wanted to share it with all of you via a direct link to The Soundtrack Series.

When one of our members fall, the community feels it. There was a huge display of love and admiration for Reuben in our community and his ghost light will shine bright here for a long, long time! We will miss you Reuben! Rest In Peace.

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