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The Renegade Company


Today’s podcast features Mike Durkin, Artistic Director of Renegade Company. We talk about their upcoming fundraiser, The Juniper Tree and the rest of the season. Stay Tuned!






Exploring the familiar in unfamiliar ways. The Renegade Company dismantles and deconstructs classic stories, established genres and taboo issues to create new theatrical experiences. This is achieved by unique partnerships and collaborations, forging unconventional relationships between text and presentation, a sensory approach and awareness in design and creation, manipulation of expectations to create a deeper, resonating audience experiences.

The Juniper Tree
by The Brother’s Grimm
adapted by James Stover

The Juniper Tree is an adaptation of the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale, mixing contemporary characters and classic figures in a world based on the traditional folklore. The Juniper Tree, the Brother’s most violent story combines magic, an evil step-mother, and cannibalism to create a memorable tale. Through the adaptation we see a harrowing and beautiful account of a child coping with loss. Using modern characters loosely based on Hansel and Gretel, we see the story of The Juniper Tree play out alongside and in view of those characters. We see the effect of magic, religion, and family through the tale, and we see from the inside and out how these stories affect and comment on presents issues in our society.
Thorough the workshop, we hope to continue to develop the characters and dialogue of the piece. We also strive to learn how a modern American audience view these stories and how they can be manipulated to create a piece of meaningful and examinatory theatre.
The workshop performance will culminate in a fundraising evening with food and drink.

Sunday December, 9th at 7 PM
Underground Arts
1201 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123


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