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EL Fuego!!


Today’s podcast features the cast of the new Holiday Musical “El Fuego”, written by: Bckseet Productions Artistic Director, Kate Brennan. We talk about holiday traditions, worst gifts and global warming…well…it’s real! Stay Tuned!









A fire has devastated the North Pole. Countless elves have perished, and the rest are on strike due to unsafe working conditions. With Christmas approaching and unemployment higher than ever, one elf has decided she must save Christmas. So she follows the most efficient course of action: she kidnaps four unsuspecting humans. Desperate and floundering, will our four candidates get rejected for being overqualified, overeducated and over-experienced once again? Or, with the fate of Christmas in their hands, are these job requirements actually more challenging than anything they’d attempted before?

BCKSEET Productions invites you to help make the holiday’s brighter for families struggling with unemployment. BCKSEET has partnered with the Philadelphia Unemployment Project (PUP) to raise awareness and help assist those unemployed in Philadelphia. BCKSEET will be collecting toy donations at the theatre from 12/12/12 through 12/16/12.


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