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Curio’s Equus


On today’s podcast we meet with Curio Theatre Company’s Liz Carlson, Eric Scotolati and Paul Kuhn to talk about their production of EQUUS written by Peter Shaffer. Stay Tuned!

Eric Scotolati plays Alan Strang in Peter Shaffer's Equus at Curio Theatre Company
Eric Scotolati plays Alan Strang in Peter Shaffer’s Equus at Curio Theatre Company




A young stable boy has blinded six horses, and no one knows why. The presiding judge commits him to the care of world-weary child psychologist, Martin Dysart. What follows is a tumultuous journey into the human psyche that will forever change both doctor and patient.

January 23 – February 16, 2013

*This play contains nudity and profanity, it is not suitable for children.



Directed by Liz Carlson
Set Design by Paul Kuhn
Costume Design by Aetna Gallagher
Lighting Design by Tim Martin
Sound Design by Patrick Lamborn
Production Photography by J.R Blackwell

Paul Kuhn as Dr. Martin Dysart
Eric Scotolati as Alan Strang
Ken Opdenaker as Frank Strang
Aetna Gallagher as Dora Strang
Trice Baldwin as Hesther Saloman
Isa St. Clair as Jill Mason
Terry Brennan as Harry Dalton
Harry Slack as A Young Horseman



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