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Tongue Groove Motion


Today’s podcast features Bobbi Block and Carrie Spaulding of Tongue and Groove Spontaneous Theater talking about their PIFA offering, “THAT TIME”! Stay Tuned!

Tongue and Groove join forces with Real Live People (In) Motion for PIFA
Tongue and Groove join forces with Real Live People (In) Motion for PIFA


Tongue & Groove is a critically acclaimed theater ensemble that spontaneously performs unscripted scenes and monologues inspired by personal information anonymously submitted by the audience. Through this unique and honest artist-audience collaboration, T&G examines authentic relationships, and performs funny, thoughtful, physically dynamic, emotionally resonant theatre… that happens to be improvised.

Especially for PIFA 2013, T&G is collaborating with dance company RealLivePeople(in)Motion, an ensemble that is similarly catalyzed by the audience’s true stories. RLPiM balances inventive, athletic movement with poignant and provocative real-life interactions. Both groups strive to create accessible, relatable work, both humorous and touching, reflecting the human experience.

For this special PIFA production, the two companies ask “If you could go back in time to any moment in your own life’s story, where would you go and why?” The answers will inspire a one-of-a-kind, instantly-generated collage of dance, theater and music that will capture the unique spirit of each audience.

The production is a collaboration of actors and dancers, as well as a musician and a visual artist. Each performance is enhanced by live improvised harmonica music. The set design is an interactive large-scale mural of a time-line, upon which audience members add their answer to the posed question.

Artistic Credits
Tongue & Groove
Bobbi Block – Producing Artistic Director & Company Member
Company Members: Frederick Andersen, Beth Dougherty, Jennifer MacMillan, Carrie Spaulding, Carol Moog, Ed Miller, & Fred Siegel

Andrea Caldarise – Set Designer / Visual Artist
Company Members: Adams Berzins, Gina Hoch-­Stall, Molly Jackson, Sara Nye, & Hedy Wyland






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