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DMIIW – Lantern’s HENRY V


Today’s podcast features Charles McMahon, Artistic Director of Lantern Theater Company talking about their production of HENRY V by…you guessed it, William Shakespeare. Stay Tuned!

Ken Cohen meets Charles McMahon to talk about Lantern’s production of Henry V.


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Charles McMahon
March 14 – April 14, 2013 (Extended through April 21st)

Shakespeare takes us on an epic journey through royal courts and battlefields, conjuring a vast world through the suggestive power of his incomparable language. Following a bloody civil war, charismatic young Henry, England’s new king, sets out to repair his fractured nation with a common purpose: war with France. But unprepared and outnumbered, Henry’s small army of bumbling country rubes and petty thieves seem to be no match for the slick French war machine. While Henry sets out to secure his crown and reputation, he finds humility, true leadership, and the power to inspire a nation. From the rousing speeches to the dark eve of Agincourt, Henry V is both adventurous and introspective – a tale of raw power punctuated by surprising moments of comedy, brought to you by the Philadelphia region’s top producer of Shakespeare’s work and featuring local musical theater actor BEN DIBBLE in the title role.


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