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On today’s podcast, Hank Curry meets with Applied Mechanics to talk about their PIFA offering, “VAINGLORIOUS”! I bet they thought this podcast was about them! Stay Tuned!



APRIL 09 – 13th
Christ Church Neighborhood House
20 N. American Street
Phila, PA 19106

Factions clash and empires rise and fall in Applied Mechanics’ Vainglorious: The Epic Feats of Notable Persons in Europe After the Revolution. Twenty-six of the shiniest rising stars in the Philadelphia scene join forces to create a dazzling new depiction of a potent historical moment: the great sweep of the Napoleonic Empire in the wake of the French Revolution. The twenty-six performers make up a formidable army that shifts and changes around the audience members who, in Applied Mechanics’ signature style, are free to explore the space and follow whichever character they choose. This heavily populated immersive play builds cities with canvas, countries with bodies, and heroes with attitude, enveloping its audience in a lush world of fame, sensuality, conflict, and ambition. The swell of history overtakes the audience, and the battling factions of the Napoleonic Empire duke it out before your very eyes. The audience is invited to join the performers as they rally around celebrities, tear down tyrants, and ride the contentious tides of change.

This project was developed with support from the Philadelphia Performing Arts Kitchen.

TAGS: World-Changing Events
Artistic Credits
Rebecca Wright – Director
Maria Shaplin – Set and Lighting Designer
Maria Shaplin and Katherine Fritz – Costume Designers

Cast: Mary Tuomanen, Thomas Choinacky, Jessica Hurley, John Jarboe, & Kristen Bailey







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