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Happy Anniversary REP RADIO!!




REP RADIO turns 4! We cannot believe we have managed to produce over 300 episodes with volunteer support and change from couch cushions. Many people have helped us grow over the years and we could not have made it this far without listeners like you! Did you know, it takes $6,000.00 annually to run REP RADIO? I know, that’s what I said! I’m still not clear as to where the money comes from.

So, in this short podcast plea, we are caalling on you to lend a hand and be recognized! On our website, click the support link and make a tax-deductible contribution! Not sure how much to give, start with $10.00. Every dollar counts and very few dollars have carried us this far!

If you value REP RADIO’s commitment to supporting, promoting, engaging and inspiring the arts community, help us continue to grow! We are happy to announce that we are extending our reach into NEW YORK this year!

Recruiting has begun and we are building a list of contacts as we did in Philadelphia. Support us with a tax-deductible contribution today and as always, Stay Tuned! REP RADIO is On The Air!


Facebook: http://facebook.com/repradio
Twitter: http://twitter.com/rep_radio

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