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Scranton “Shakes”, more than Dunder Mifflin!


While we found out about them late, don’t let that stop you from getting to know them. Our new host, Brock Vickers sat down with the team behind the Scranton Shakespeare Festival. Be sure to put them on your list for next season. Stay Tuned!

There's more to Scranton than Dunder Mifflin. Scranton "Shakes" it up!
There’s more to Scranton than Dunder Mifflin. Scranton “Shakes” it up!


It is the mission of the Scranton Shakespeare Festival to give the Northeastern Pennsylvania community and the surrounding area a profound understanding of Shakespeare’s work through innovative performances in professional productions.

Our goal is to bring accessible, free-of-charge, open air theatre to socio-economically diverse audiences and to provide children’s theatre outreach programs to educate not only the audience of today, but also the audience of tomorrow.

We intend to make the Festival an integral part of the community and to contribute to Scranton’s rich theatrical history and a renaissance of theatre in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


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