Love is just a game we “PLAY”!


“If you like it, you shoulda put a ring on it”! Today’s podcast marks the return of two of our favorite things! One, a person, Griffin Stanton-Amiesen and Two, the return of Neil Haven’s “PLAYDATERS”! The last limited run was a sell out and this run will most likely be the same so, get your tickets, play the game…bring a date!! Stay Tuned!



This coming Fringe…look out for Matchbox Theatre Project’s re-mount of the 2012 Valentine’s Day HIT: Neil Haven’s raucous comedy “The Playdaters”!

First dates are stressful, especially when you keep score. Roommates Spencer and Erwin exploit a dating website to play a game of pranks on unsuspecting women. As the rules of the game break down, so do the rules of a conventional romantic comedy. Spencer wants to try a real relationship with a one-dimensional character, and Erwin learns that he can control his simple stage world in the most astounding ways.

Through their crazy antics, the audience is asked to examine and laugh at, the chaos, desperation, and desire that lies in a “real” relationship.

*This show features adult content, and juvenile shenanigans.

The cast features Sean Bradley, Dana Kreitz, Clare O’Malley and Griffin Stanton-Ameisen. The design team is Daniel Kontz (sound) and Robin Stamey (lights).

“The Playdaters” will open on Tuesday September 17th, 2013 at 8pm and run Wednesday the 18th-Saturday the 21st at 11pm in the 3rd floor studio theatre at Plays and Players. Tickets available at the door ($15, student and under 25 discounts available) or online or at: