Toys Comes To Life at “Storybook”!


On today’s podcast, we finally open the STORYBOOK! Will Amato, when the Big Apple’s too big, moonlights as a pirate in the Storybook Musical Theatre production of “Adventures In Toyland”. We sat down with the family Goldberg for a story! Stay Tuned!



Adventures on Toyland is an original story with music that tells the tale of a young boy named Michael, who has been having problems facing his own fears. After having a terrible nightmare, Michael goes to his playroom to calm down trying not to wake up the rest of his family. Surrounded by his toys, he starts losing all hope of never being afraid of the things around him. Michael is surprised when the toys come to life in order to help him use his imagination to have adventures as they travel around the world, and out of this world. On his adventures, Michael soon realizes that he can truly overcome his worst fears, as his own self-esteem and courage grows. Whether you are three or one hundred three, you will fall in love with Michael and his amazing toys: Captain Combat, Princess Ballerina Belle, Pirate Pete, and Rag Doll.