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Beginnings with Andy Beckerman


On a beautiful day at Bryant Park in New York, I wait for Andy, Andrew Beckerman, who arrives in shades and we immediately get down to business. Our goal was to talk about BEGINNINGS but, the conversation went in a more organic direction. We look forward to revisiting to talk more. I love making new friends.

Andy Beckerman


Andy has been writing and performing comedy in New York City since 2009, and most recently wrote stuff for The Pete Holmes Show, a new talk show on TBS. He also writes for music magazines like Dusted and comedy sites like AdultSwim.com and Splitsider, and writes and produces short films and independent pilots, which include Time Pranx with Aaron Burdette (UCB’s Stone Cold Fox) and the sci-fi musical Glen, From Another Dimension with Katie Hartman (Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting), as well as a series of pretty smart/stupid cartoons that netted him the Channel 101 award for “Best Failed Pilot” in 2012.


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