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South Philly Review – 8/28/2014 –


#Philadelphia #Podcast #Festival gets its geek on

The five-day event funneled South Philly geekdom into earbuds.

Darnelle Radford, a native of the 2100 block of Latona Street, also participated in the Podcast Fest as a voracious local theater podcaster. His journey started in ’04 when he founded his own Represented Theatre Company. Rep Radio came years later when he decided he wanted to help his fellow theater companies get the word out about their work. “An inside look at the plays and players,” as Radford put it.

“I wanted to create a vehicle that was designed to help smaller companies that didn’t have those marketing dollars. I’ve been inspired by so many creative artists – I wanted to find a way to promote new work. That’s where Represented came from,” he said.

They send out an average of 70-75 podcasts a year and time the release so that, when updates happen overnight on Monday morning, you’ve got a new podcast waiting for you, and the hope is that it sends you to box offices.

His time as an Apple employee in Ardmore showed him that smart phones are great tools to get one’s podcasts heard.

“At Apple, I see people who can’t keep their eyes off their gadget. By lunchtime they could buy tickets and by the time they get off of work they could be planning their evening, which is partly why we release our episodes on Mondays at 6 a.m. Their devices do their updates, and they get a new Rep Radio when they open it up.”

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