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Always Coming Soon: The Future


Today’s podcast features Brat Productions. At a special happy hour leading up to a weekend event, Melissa Amilani caught up with Jess Conda and the gang to explore the production, “Always Coming Soon: The Future”.

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Feel more in  The Future!  Dream better in  The Future!   Live forever in  The Future! In this  rock and roll cabaret, BRAT Productions tells the story of a troupe of misfit vagabonds who find a machine in a trash heap. As they struggle to decide whether or not to step inside, they reveal more questions than answers: what happens when the time passing is the only thing that is happening? Is the moment to come greater than the moments before? Are all of our best moments already behind us?

Original Music by Peter Gaffney
Stage Direction by Scott Sheppard
Creator/Performers: Tabitha Allen, Jess Conda, Rob Cutler, Justin Rose


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