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The Submission


Has it ever really crossed your mind, the origin of a story that plays out on a stage, movie or tv screen? Does it matter? Have we gotten to a point in society that if a story does not have the politically correct back story, that it’s considered invalid? We here at REP RADIO never really thought about it until we sat down with playwright Jeff Talbott and Artistic Director Rich Rubin of the Quince Productions offering, “The Submission”. Stay Tuned.


A young caucasian playwright pens a play under a pseudonym about growing up poor and African-American. When a major theater festival wants to do his play, he hires an African-American actress to “play” the playwright. His boyfriend can’t talk him out of it, his best friend can’t talk him out of it, and the actress herself has doubts. But the plan proceeds with some hilarious results. An important play, funny and powerful, as questions of prejudice and acceptance are considered within the comic framework.



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