Take a trip “To The Moon” with #1812Productions!


On Today’s podcast, we begin Season 6 with a trip “To The Moon”…well, to “South Fil-Delphia”, to meet with Artistic Director, Jennifer Childs who penned this homage production of “To The Moon”. We were also joined by Scott Greer whose character, Scottie channels the memorable stylings of Jackie Gleason’s most notable portrayals. Stay Tuned!

To The Moon B


In To The Moon, celebrated Philadelphia actor, and Barrymore Award winner, Scott Greer plays brash, put-upon, and underemployed actor Scottie, whose fantasy life frequently invades his real one. Working as a standardized patient, rehearsing different illnesses for medical students rehearsing to be doctors, Scottie dreams of becoming the captain of his own destiny like his idol, Jackie Gleason. After discovering an unproduced script from The Jackie Gleason Show, Scottie sets his sights on fame and excess, knowing that if one wants to be the best, one has to act the part. In Scottie’s words, “Gleason? Nobody told him what to do. He wanted to eat, he ate. He wanted to drink, he drank. He wanted to smoke, he smoked. He wanted to have his own show, he had his own show.” Barrymore Award nominee Anthony Lawton plays Scottie’s neighbor and best pal, Lawton. Ever an optimist, and slightly aloof, Lawton is also an actor working a less-than-ideal circuit of historical reenactments, children’s parties, and hot dog commercials. Down but not out, Lawton is a perfect sidekick for Scottie’s schemes.