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We had so much fun on the opening night of this production. I had wondered if the marketing was steered towards families. When I looked over the audience, there were mostly adults and a few families who all felt like kids being told the most adventurous story of a man and his journey through life. So, we had the opportunity to sit down with Greg Wood and Dave Johnson, two of the three (Bi Jean Ngo, was running the world), who bring this epic story to life in the intimate space that is the Independence Studio on 3 at the Walnut Street Theatre. Stay Tuned!



Directed By: Jesse Bernstein

An old man hobbles onstage and declares, “I’m about to tell you a story. A fantastic and amazing story! A story all the more remarkable because every word of it is true.” So says Louis de Rougemont. His brave and amazing adventures left nineteenth-century England spellbound. Dare to be whisked away by this heroic tale of the high seas, filled with exotic islanders, flying wombats, giant sea turtles and a monstrous man-eating octopus! Inspired by a true story, Pulitzer Prize-winner Donald Margulies’ Shipwrecked examines how far we’re willing to blur the line between fact and fiction in order to leave our mark on the world. Featuring: Greg Wood, David Bradley Johnson and Bi Jean Ngo.



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