One time for the #Rodeo!


On today’s podcast, we take the elevator up to Studio 5 at the Walnut Street Theatre to chat with Artistic Director, Rich Rubin of Quince Productions about the next production, RODEO, written by Philip Dawkins. This production has recruited the talents of painter and illustrator, Anthony (Tony) Palumbo, whose work is well-known by any Quince artist. And, representing the cast, we are joined at the end by Michael Manley. Stay Tuned!



Rough and tumble cowgirl Cody and her persnickety mule Sprezzatura ride into town fixin’ to win the annual rodeo. Only one problem: girls aren’t allowed to compete. Unwilling to lay down the lasso so easily, Cody and Sprezzatura whip up the perfect plan to disguise themselves as a boy and a horse and sneak their way into the competitors’ ring. Western-y and Shakespearean-y shenanigans ensue when a dastardly villain, a slew of unique horses, and an unexpected romance come between Cody and her master plan to win the day.