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Jean Giraudoux’s The Enchanted


On today’s podcast, I take a trip to an enchanted forest setup at Walnut Street Theatre, Studio 5 to search for Tina Brock of Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium. We wander through this forest talking about “The Enchanted by Jean Giraudoux”, the production’s many elements among the backdrop of an absurd political climate. Stay Tuned!

John D’Alonzo and Anna Lou Hearn in IRC’s “The Enchanted”


By Jean Giraudoux

“A fascinating, absorbing adventure, full of grace and wit.”
–NY Times

A schoolteacher in a provincial French town is seduced by the ghost of a murderer. With the aid of the village doctor, she seeks answers regarding the riddle of death. Enter her lover–an ardent bureaucrat who hopes his well-calibrated love will keep her earthbound.

A poetically musical and mercurial classic, a clash between the struggles of life and the mystery of death, The Enchanted is the perfect platform for Giraudoux to exercise his signature playful theatricality: characters hilariously and whimsically debate whether our fear of death fuels our love of life and whether the dead could outvote the living if they imprudently returned.

Translated by Maurice Valency


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