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Inside Douglas Williams


On today’s podcast, I delve inside the mind of Douglas Williams, whose play, the Barrymore Recommended “Shitheads” is being produced by Azuka Theatre Company, where he is an Artist-in-Residence. This Temple grad and Orbiter3 member has been making waves this season. So, I sat down with him to discover his origins and future plans. Stay Tuned!

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(From AzukaTheatre.org) Douglas is a Playwright-In-Residence at Azuka Theatre and a founding member of Orbiter 3, a playwrights producing collective. Plays include Moon Cave(Azuka Theatre), Breathe Smoke (The Painted Bride & Orbiter 3) and Waterboarding But Fun.

Williams has had two plays developed at PlayPenn (Moon Cave, Shitheads) both under the direction of Kevin Glaccum. He was a finalist for the Lark’s Playwrights Week, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and InterAct’s 20/20 Commission. His plays have also been developed at Bristol Riverside Theatre, New York Theatre Experiment, Act II Playhouse, Distilled Theatre Company, and the Philadelphia New Play Initiative.

Williams’ experimental and collaborative work has been produced in the SoLow Fest (Four’s the Floor, Solstice) and the FringeArts Festival (Holly’s Dead Soldiers, Safe Space). Playwright Sam Shepard presented him with the Silver Award from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.

Williams is a former member of the Foundry, a lab for new plays, and a company member of the Apocalypse Club. He is a graduate of Temple University.

ABOUT SHITHEADS (Barrymore Recommended)

Bert’s Bikes and Sports, a neighborhood bike shop in lower Manhattan, is on its last leg. Customers have vanished, the shop across the street is poaching their best mechanics, and the new guy they just hired doesn’t even own a bike. Now that Alex has finally been promoted to manager, he’ll need to get creative in order to save the shop he loves — and he just so happens to have an idea that could bring Bert’s back from the dead…

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