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Lantern’s Coriolanus


On today’s podcast, I return to Lantern Theater Company to talk with Artistic Director, Charles McMahon about Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”. As if the staging was not enough, Lantern has provided additional content on their website for those wishing to dig deep into the politics of the play, even drawing comparisons of Coriolanus to Alexander Hamilton.  Stay Tuned!

Pictured: Mary Lee Bednarek as Virgilia and Robert Lyons as Coriolanus in Lantern Theater Company’s production of Coriolanus by William Shakespeare, onstage now through April 16, 2017. Photo by Mark Garvin.


Famine threatens Rome, and the people’s hunger swells to an appetite for political change. A war hero from a powerful family, Coriolanus seems destined to be elected consul – but the people find his pride an unforgivable insult, exploding the long-simmering tensions between the fracturing state’s governing elite and deprived masses. This timely story of radical class division is also a compelling psychological portrait of Coriolanus and his politically savvy mother, Volumnia, played by internationally acclaimed actress, director, and author Tina Packer.




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