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Brenna Geffers adapts “ANNA”


On today’s podcast, Brenna Geffers and I meet for a cup of coffee at Last Drop to talk about the EgoPo production of “ANNA”. The flexibility of the Latvian Society allows for the creation of a traveling show where we have all gathered around to hear a tale. Stay Tuned!

Andrew Carroll, Colleen Corcoran, Lee Minora, and Maria Konstantinidis. Photo Credit: Dave Sarrafian


by Brenna Geffers & the Anna Ensemble

“Astonishing” “Gorgeous” “Triumphant” “Remarkable”

The Philadelphia Inquirer (full review here)

Literature’s greatest heroine comes to new life in this world premiere stage adaptation. In Anna, this sweeping Russian epic is transformed into a make-shift travelling show by a wandering theater troupe armed with a collection of rickety antiques and instruments. They perform this story, set in the shifting landscape of Imperial Russia, to seek refuge from their own unsettling world. You are invited on their journey, and Anna’s, as they travel together toward the story’s unavoidable end.



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