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1812’s Happy Birthday


On today’s podcast, I am joined by Director, Trey Lyford and Actress, Suli Holum to talk about the 1812 Productions…production of “Happy Birthday” by Marc Camoletti. This farce receives its Philadelphia Premiere though, you may be familiar with Camoletti’s work. The production “Boeing, Boeing” broke records after a successful run in London as well as “Don’t Dress For Dinner”. This production features three married couples so, I had to chat about the conversations behind the scenes! Stay Tuned!








It’s 1983 in the UK. Margaret Thatcher is in power and all of the excesses of the 80’s are on full display. First we meet Bernard, who has a perfect plan to have a birthday party for his mistress, Brigit, at his home with his wife, Jacqueline, none the wiser. He ropes his best friend Robert into his scheme, unaware that Robert and Jacqueline have been having an affair of their own. Enter the savvy new maid-for-hire, also named Brigit, and it’s off to the races as everyone in the household tries to keep everyone else from discovering their own bit of scandal. Lightning fast and full of twists and surprises, only the working class maid can keep her finger on this bourgeois pulse, and she is more than happy to cash in on the excitement.




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