School Play – Terry Brennan


On today’s podcast, if only we all could bring to our everyday lives the energy that Terry Brennan brings to the stage. We seem to meet annually about a production and it’s always a brutal summer-like day. Terry brings to the stage his former and inner-fourth grader who is just too much for the room. Using parkour, circus arts and a high-energy soundtrack, School Play is what figit spinners were made for. Part of the 2017 SoLow Festival. Stay Tuned!







School Play is a hilarious and heartbreaking adventure set in the American educational system featuring an eager student battling his inability to sit still, his need to ask “silly questions” and his love for “non-academic” subjects. Terry Brennan whose “performance can only be described as a bolt of lightning,” uses comedy, acrobatics and hand-balancing to tell a silly and heartwarming story of a kid who desperately wants to do well in school despite a barrage of negative reinforcement.