1812’s This Is The Week That Is – 2017


On today’s podcast, I catch up with Susan Riley Stevens and newbie, Jensen Titus Lavallee to talk about 1812’s “This Is The Week That Is”. What on earth could they have to say this year with a fairly quiet administration? Stay Tuned!

This Is The Week That Is, an 1812 staple of the year’s end.

1812’s annual political comedy is taking off the gloves and getting ready to hop in the ring with the most unpredictable administration in modern history. Now in its 12th year, 1812’s signature production features new faces and returning favorite—Sean at the news desk, Dave in the lobby, and Patsy on her stoop. Get ready to laugh. Bigly.




Written & Performed by

Jennifer Childs, Sean Close, Dave Jadico,

Susan Riley Stevens, Rob Tucker, and Jenson Titus Lavallee

Head News Writer  Don Montrey

Music Director Rob Tucker

Directed by Jennifer Childs