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Eric Writes The Plays


On today’s podcast, R. Eric Thomas dials in to talk about the last year and the World Premiere of Mrs Harrison, produced by Azuka Theatre Company. Between his Elle contribution, “Eric Reads The News”, his stint at “The Moth” and member of “The Foundry”, Eric manages to pump out dynamic stories the peak the curiosity of Philadelphia stages with a few commissions along the way. Stay Tuned!


This new play by Barrymore Award-winning playwright R. Eric Thomas, is about two women and one story. At their 10-year college reunion, Aisha and Holly meet by chance. Is this the first time or has it just been a long time? They can’t agree. Aisha is a black, successful playwright; she’s on the cover of the alumni magazine. Holly is a white, struggling stand-up comedian; she’s here for the free drinks. They both have a story that they’ve been telling themselves about what happened all those years ago and they’re both willing to fight for the truth in the present.


http://azukatheatre.org and http://rericthomas.com


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