Re-connecting with Kristen Scatton, ReVamp and Helen of Troy


On today’s podcast, Inside The Writer’s Mind Host Alum, Kristen Scatton returns to reflect and talk about ReVamp Collective and the new production of “#TheHelenProject”. Since departing the Rep Radio team, Kristen obtained a Masters in Playwrighting and is in-residence with ReVamp. You may think you know Helen of Troy but, what if…Stay Tuned!

ABOUT #TheHelenProject

The world knows the story of Helen of Troy – or it thinks it does, anyway. The most beautiful woman in history, known as either a fallen woman whose adultery started a decade-long war or a helpless victim in need of rescuing, Helen has yet to tell her side of the story.  The Helen Project reimagines classical stories like “The Trojan Women” and “The Iliad” through Helen’s eyes, as she invites audiences to accompany her on her journey from fame to infamy, and discover the woman behind the face that launched a thousand ships. 


Kristen M. Scatton is a Philadelphia-based playwright and theater artist whose mission is to change the world through art. Her works have been produced throughout Philadelphia, southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Seattle, WA. Currently, she is the Playwright-in-Residence for ReVamp Collective. She served as the Board President for the Philadelphia Dramatists Center from 2011-2012, and Board Secretary from 2010-2011. She holds an MFA in Playwriting from Temple University.

ABOUT ReVamp Collective

ReVamp wants to create a world where all people can come together and appreciate their individuality, rather than be diminished by it. Through devised interactive productions, by fostering local artists, re-imagining established pieces, as well as workshops and collaborations in our community, we are opening up a conversation to push the boundaries of how we view each other and theatre. Intersectional feminism drives ReVamp’s belief on what equality should be, and inspires both the work they produce and the artists they hire.


The Helen Project