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11th Hour’s World Premiere – BIG RED SUN

On today’s podcast, Michael Philip O’Brien stops by to talk about 11th Hour’s production of BIG RED SUN. Originally part of the Next Step Concert Series in the 2015-2016 season, BIG RED SUN is a world premiere in collaboration with writers John Jiler and Georgia Stitt. Stay Tuned!







Come get swept away by a thrilling and beautiful score that weaves from Klezmer, to jazz and then on to rock and roll. This exciting, new musical follows a young man named Harry Daimler on his search for the father he never knew, a Jewish-American musician who died in France during World War II. As Harry uncovers the truth about his father, he begins to realize that in order to know who he truly is, he must first understand where he comes from.


Michael is a native Philadelphian and after graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2001, decided to return home and start 11th Hour. As a performer, Michael has worked at numerous theatres throughout the Philadelphia region and around the country including Jazz at Lincoln Center, Milwaukee Rep, TUTS, The Walnut Street Theatre, The Arden Theatre Company, Bristol Riverside Theatre,The Prince Music Theater, Media Theatre, Montgomery Theater and 11th Hour Theatre Company. Michael is a two-time Barrymore Award winner and is a five-time Barrymore nominee. Under his leadership, 11th Hour productions have fifteen Barrymore Awards and garnered 55 Barrymore Award nominations.


For more information, visit http://11thhourtheatrecompany.org.



Hedwig…a reTheater Production

On today’s podcast, I am joined by Braden Chapman (Mimi ImFurst “Hedwig”) and Stephanie Kernisan (Yitzhak) at Ruba Club to talk about reTheater’s production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. With modern inflections, this production brings the dialogue up to date taking shots at the current administration and the local color of Philadelphia. Stay Tuned!







The groundbreaking musical that opened in 1998, became an unexpected his film and celebrated Broadway run, now celebrates its 20th anniversary as a cult-pop-culture phenomenon.  With its incredible score and hilariously heartfelt book, this 20th anniversary production  re-examines John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s explosive  rock musical with a fresh eye while paying homage to its iconic flair.


reTHEATER is a new non-profit theater company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Our Mission is simple: to re-imagine great shows and to realize new ones.   Through the re-invention and re-examination of ideas we strive to create unique theater going experiences for our audiences.






Looking back with Chris Morse!

On today’s podcast, Season 9 begins with a look back at the beginning of Rep Radio. I’m on the line with Chris Morse, our first host, whose nudging gave birth to Rep Radio, an idea we had been kicking around while producing Represented Theatre Company productions. We learned many valuable lessons about podcasting and never thought we would be here 9 seasons later! Stay Tuned!

Chris Morse, first host of Rep Radio











Rebroadcast: Simpatico’s “HIR” with Eppchez!

On today’s podcast, I get to know Eppchez! A self-producing artist wearing many hats who is featured in the Simpatico Theatre Project production of “HIR” by Taylor Mac. Get ready, there is some swearing at times. We explore the origins of Alma’s Engine and the dysfunctional family dynamics of “HIR” as it views the nuclear family through a new lens. Stay Tuned!


Somewhere in the tangles of the suburbs, Paige is designing a brave, new path for her children – Isaac, dishonorably discharged from active duty in the Middle East, and Max, caught in the throes of transitioning gender here at home. Freshly liberated by her abusive husband’s debilitating stroke, Paige is waging a cis-revolt in support of Max’s journey, and is now armed to dismantle the patriarchy! In this visceral and delightfully absurd kitchen-sink dark comedy, Taylor Mac explores the struggle to recognize change and the courage to face its messy repercussions.

EPPCHEZ! (MAX) – Newcomer to Philadelphia theatre. Worked with Pig Iron, The Mediums and others with a focus on devising new work. Studied Theatre and Writing at Wesleyan University. A playwright, choreographer, director, designer, puppeteer, songwriter and vocalist. Artistic Director-Conductor of Alma’s Engine, a process focused creative ministry and self-producing platform for realizing air work in music and theater. Album – Self-Realized-Nation; A Song Cycle of the Occupation (2013) original plays Junk Redemption (2012) and They Extract! (2014 & 2016). Bartam’s Garden – Train-ing: A Duet, a site-specific solo musical.



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