Rebroadcast: Simpatico’s “HIR” with Eppchez!

On today’s podcast, I get to know Eppchez! A self-producing artist wearing many hats who is featured in the Simpatico Theatre Project production of “HIR” by Taylor Mac. Get ready, there is some swearing at times. We explore the origins of Alma’s Engine and the dysfunctional family dynamics of “HIR” as it views the nuclear family through a new lens. Stay Tuned!


Somewhere in the tangles of the suburbs, Paige is designing a brave, new path for her children – Isaac, dishonorably discharged from active duty in the Middle East, and Max, caught in the throes of transitioning gender here at home. Freshly liberated by her abusive husband’s debilitating stroke, Paige is waging a cis-revolt in support of Max’s journey, and is now armed to dismantle the patriarchy! In this visceral and delightfully absurd kitchen-sink dark comedy, Taylor Mac explores the struggle to recognize change and the courage to face its messy repercussions.

EPPCHEZ! (MAX) – Newcomer to Philadelphia theatre. Worked with Pig Iron, The Mediums and others with a focus on devising new work. Studied Theatre and Writing at Wesleyan University. A playwright, choreographer, director, designer, puppeteer, songwriter and vocalist. Artistic Director-Conductor of Alma’s Engine, a process focused creative ministry and self-producing platform for realizing air work in music and theater. Album – Self-Realized-Nation; A Song Cycle of the Occupation (2013) original plays Junk Redemption (2012) and They Extract! (2014 & 2016). Bartam’s Garden – Train-ing: A Duet, a site-specific solo musical.


School Play – Terry Brennan

On today’s podcast, if only we all could bring to our everyday lives the energy that Terry Brennan brings to the stage. We seem to meet annually about a production and it’s always a brutal summer-like day. Terry brings to the stage his former and inner-fourth grader who is just too much for the room. Using parkour, circus arts and a high-energy soundtrack, School Play is what figit spinners were made for. Part of the 2017 SoLow Festival. Stay Tuned!







School Play is a hilarious and heartbreaking adventure set in the American educational system featuring an eager student battling his inability to sit still, his need to ask “silly questions” and his love for “non-academic” subjects. Terry Brennan whose “performance can only be described as a bolt of lightning,” uses comedy, acrobatics and hand-balancing to tell a silly and heartwarming story of a kid who desperately wants to do well in school despite a barrage of negative reinforcement.



Rebroadcast: Marcus/Emma

On today’s podcast, I venture over to Interact Theatre Company to talk about Mary Tuomanen’s “Marcus/Emma” featuring Akeem Davis and Susan Riley Stevens. We explore who these characters were and the world that Mary has dropped them into. We even discuss how the themes carry off the stage into real life. Stay Tuned.


What does it mean to be radical? MARCUS/EMMA mashes together two of American History’s wildest activist leaders – Jewish Anarchist Emma Goldman and Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey — and launches them into a no-holds-barred, sex-fueled, bloody-minded battle to rekindle the smouldering flames of their legacies. Tuomanen’s vibrant voice brings the political passion, tender humanity, and savage humor of Goldman and Garvey to life in a timely play that challenges the audience to continually question what it means to be American.

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1812’s Happy Birthday

On today’s podcast, I am joined by Director, Trey Lyford and Actress, Suli Holum to talk about the 1812 Productions…production of “Happy Birthday” by Marc Camoletti. This farce receives its Philadelphia Premiere though, you may be familiar with Camoletti’s work. The production “Boeing, Boeing” broke records after a successful run in London as well as “Don’t Dress For Dinner”. This production features three married couples so, I had to chat about the conversations behind the scenes! Stay Tuned!








It’s 1983 in the UK. Margaret Thatcher is in power and all of the excesses of the 80’s are on full display. First we meet Bernard, who has a perfect plan to have a birthday party for his mistress, Brigit, at his home with his wife, Jacqueline, none the wiser. He ropes his best friend Robert into his scheme, unaware that Robert and Jacqueline have been having an affair of their own. Enter the savvy new maid-for-hire, also named Brigit, and it’s off to the races as everyone in the household tries to keep everyone else from discovering their own bit of scandal. Lightning fast and full of twists and surprises, only the working class maid can keep her finger on this bourgeois pulse, and she is more than happy to cash in on the excitement.



You For “Bi” For You

On today’s podcast, we caught up with Bi Jean Ngo to talk about the Interact Theatre Company production of “You For Me For You”. The elements of this play crafted by Mia Chung are heart-warming, humorous and eye-opening. Bi talks about how her background does not necessarily inform her performance. The work is put in as any professional actor would. Stay Tuned!

Bi Jean Ngo and Mina Kawahara – Kate Raines | Plate 3


North Korean sisters Minhee and Junhee are torn apart at the border as they attempt to flee the “Best Nation in the World.” Each must race across time and space to be together again—navigating the perilous “Land of the Free” and the treacherous terrain of personal belief. Chung’s fantastical, humor-filled play is a kaleidoscope of imagery and beauty, casting light on the darkness of a secretive regime while simultaneously illuminating American values from a unique perspective.



The “Importance” of Daniel and Jake

On today’s podcast, we are joined by Daniel Fredrick and Jake Blouch  who make their main stage debut in Walnut Street Theatre’s production of “The Importance of Being Earnest.” We have had conversations with them before so, this is a catching up that revolves around the elements of the play. We had fun! Stay Tuned!

Daniel Fredrick and Jake Blouch | Photo Credit: Mark Garvin


You can never be too (two) Earnest. The results would be a world filled with chaos, mistaken identity and uncontrollable laughter! But when you’re Wilde, you have to take that chance. The Importance Of Being Earnest tells the story of two bachelor friends, dandy Algernon Moncrieff and reliable John (Jack) Worthing, as they take on double lives to court the attentions of the desirable Gwendolyn Fairfax and Cecily Cardew. But the gallants must then grapple with the uproarious consequences of their ruse… and with the formidable Lady Bracknell. Oscar Wilde’s much-loved and exhilarating masterpiece, with its high comedy and witty dialogue have helped make The Importance Of Being Earnest Wilde’s most enduringly popular play.



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