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Represented | Rep Radio is looking for short plays (10-15 minutes) for an upcoming podcast series. “Commuter” aims to bring theater to your commute. With short interviews with playwrights, samples of their work and an invitation to participate, “Commuter” fits whether you walk, bike, bus, train, drive or fly…yes, some people fly. Subscribe to the “Commuter Pass” and never miss your connection!

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A “Gutless” artist’s “Grateful” journey.

On Today’s podcast, we meet #Amy #Oestreicher whose shares with us an emotional series of events in #Gutless and #Grateful that could have derailed her artistic goals. If you are held back by something in your life, this story is sure to inspire. Stay Tuned!

Amy Oestreicher B&W 2006


After its sold-out, Broadway World Award-nominated run in NYC, CT, and MA, Oestreicher’s near-death experience and unique personal story are once again woven into a moving, entertaining, and inspiring evening of music, humor, surprise, and triumph. At 18, Oestreicher fell into a coma after a blood clot abruptly caused her stomach to literally explode. After 27 surgeries and three years without food or drink, her passion and hunger for life stayed strong, proving that with hope, anything is possible. Director: Jerold Goldstein.

Recommended for: #children, #teenagers, #adults, #elderly, #theatre community, #LGBTQ community, anyone who has been through medical or other obstacles.


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Acting Out with Charlie DelMarcelle

On today’s podcast, Hank Curry is joined by Charlie DelMarcelle. I believe the last time we chatted with Charlie was for an Azuka production. Now, he is featured in Norristown for the Theatre Horizon production of “I Am My Own Wife”. Stay Tuned



I Am My Own Wife

October 31 – November 24, 2013

by Doug Wright
Honorary Show Producers – William & Cindy Wanger, TD Bank, Fesnak & Associates LLP, Fox Rothschild LLP
Directed by Kathryn MacMillan
Starring Charlie DelMarcelle

“…riveting theatre… the structure of the play is original, challenging, and involving.” —BackStage


Based on a true story, this Pulitzer Prize-winning play tells the fascinating tale of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a German man who survived the Nazis and the Communists while dressed as a woman. Having endured two of history’s most repressive regimes, Charlotte’s ambiguity made her a bridge between unlikely worlds. Celebrated actor Charlie DelMarcelle portrays over 30 characters and seduces us with Charlotte’s tale of politics, survival, and beauty.


ACTING OUT with Jared Reed

On today’s podcast, Brock Vickers catches Jared Reed, ACTING OUT in Media! Jared sat down with REP RADIO to talk about becoming MACBETH in the Hedgerow production directed by Dan Hodge and feature a cast of exceptional Philadelphia favorites! Stay Tuned!



Jared Reed is a founding member of Curio Theatre. Jared is a graduate of the Juilliard School in Drama. He has appeared Off-Broadway at The Roundabout and starred in The Woman in Black at the Minetta Lane. Some of his regional theatre credits include Seattle Repertory, McCarter Theatre, Yale Repertory, the Huntingdon, The Old Globe in San Diego. His most recent regional performance was at the Walnut Street Theatre inThe Philadelphia Story. Jared worked as lighting and sound designer for ten years at Hedgerow Theatre, Rose Valley, PA and has also taught summer drama programs for the past ten years. He has written and directed many shows at Hedgerow Theatre and for Curio, including Great ExpectationsThe Iliad, and The Hanging.


Why is Shakespeare’s “Scottish play” the perfect autumn thriller? It has it all!  Deceit, intrigue, treachery, murder, backstabbing (literally!), plus witchcraft and ghosts give it the spooky feel that sets you on the edge of your seat.  Director Dan Hodge (of the acclaimed Philadelphia Artists Collective) is crafting a fast-moving production different than any other version you’ve seen. He’s placed it just after the First World War, full of the occult and the birth or our modern world, but still the classic tale of a man and his wife, temptation, and the  prophecies made by a trio of witches. The acclaimed Hedgerow Stage and the bare stone walls provide the perfect backdrop for a spooky, bloody, war-torn world where “something wicked this way comes.”


ACTING OUT with Kevin Chick

On today’s podcast, Brock Vickers channels the wonders of the interwebs to connect with performer Kevin Chick. With a truck full of costumes, there most certainly would be a few hats. Find out which ones Kevin wears as Brock Vickers catches Kevin Chick…ACTING OUT!


Kevin Chick is a Philadelphia based performer who has performed in New York, Minneapolis, Iowa, throughout Argentina and around South America and Mexico. !He has

performed as a puppeteer, clown, musician, actor, improv-er, in Spanish, and with masks. ! His favorite credits include: X Tink Shun- Jim Henson Company, Flash of Time with the

Kimmel Center in The Philadelphia International Festival of Arts,The Black Arts by Lamb Lays with Lion at The Guthrie Theatre, and of course Do Not Push with Alex Suha at The Metropolis Theatre and The Den theatre of Chicago. BA-University of Iowa

Everything’s Funny. Including you. We’re gonna leave the face paint at home and take a look at the real funny stuff, the stuff we usually cover up. Participants in this clown workshop will study the movements of objects, materials, each other, and themselves. In the end, they’ll leave with clown characters and prepared to develop their own theatrical material. Join if you dare. Join if you WANT to dare.

Mondays September 9th-30th, 6:30-9:30 PM
cost: $100, includes $25 space reservation deposit
1170 South Broad Street (at Federal Street), Philadelphia, PA 19146

for more info and to register

[email protected]

Students and colleagues have said…

“…but you wouldn’t let us quit, you had us work through our insecurities and confront our frustrations and that’s when things started to really happen. It was great.”

“You helped us discover our own clown within us without force but not by babying us either. ”

“his students will be inspired by the joyful yet rigorous quality of his proposals”