Love, Lies and Taxidermy – Inis Nua

On today’s podcast, I head on over to Inis Nua Theatre Company to meet with Artistic Director, Tom Reing and playwright, Alan Harris, who made the trip across the pond to witness the American Premiere of his play, “Love Lies and Taxidermy”. Stay Tuned!










Valentyn can’t decide which is worse—the teenage anguish of his unfulfilled love for Ashley or the dire predicaments of both their parents. Throw in an ice cream truck, a possible soft core porn movie and some of the more bizarre uses of taxidermy for a funny and endearing picture of young love and middle-aged longing, brought to life in a claustrophobic small town in Wales.


Part of Philly Theatre Week


Doppelbanger – Nick Joncazk

On today’s podcast, Nick Jonczak stopped by to talk about the return of his Fringe production, “Doppelbanger”, diving into the complexities of dating in the GLBTQIAA…community. Finding oneself through someone else can lead to surface similarities as this piece deals with gay obsession, identity trauma and joy. Stay Tuned!






Philadelphia physical theatre artist and producer, Nick Jonczak, will perform Doppelbanger, an original solo performance embodying gay obsession, identity, trauma, and joy for Philly Theatre Week at Mascher Space Cooperative.

Do I want to be him, or do I want to be with him?
In this multimedia solo performance, Jonczak reshaped his body one piece at a time with his favorite parts of ex-lovers.

General admission at the door is $20. Discounted advance tickets are also available online for $15 at

If you or someone you know is not able to afford the price of a ticket, please contact Nick to arrange accommodations. No one will be turned away due to low-income.

Friday, February 9 at 7:00PM
Saturday, February 10 at 7:00PM
Sunday, February 11 at 7:00PM


Part of Philly Theatre Week



On today’s podcast, I focus my lens on the cast of Theatre Exile’s production of “REALLY” by Jackie Siblies Drury. This Philadelphia Premiere was fresh their minds and while, the set was not built yet, I try to imagine what Exile, along with the design team, led by Director, Brenna Geffers has in store for us. Stay Tuned!


Featuring: Nancy Boykin, Jessica Johnson and Matteo Scammell

In the studio she once shared with her boyfriend Calvin, a photographer poses Calvin’s mother for a portrait. Like many artists, she struggles to capture on film what she envisions in her mind. As the photo shoot progresses, the women grapple with their memories of the man who was once the center of their lives.

In the age of selfies, Really examines the particular and diverse lenses through which we see ourselves, each other, and our place in the world.


Part of Philly Theatre Week

Great to have you “Hear Again”

On today’s podcast, Darin Dunston stops by to talk about Hear Again Radio Project’s “Murder of Shows”. We get into it about where to find radio plays, what’s essential at any foley table and how spaces lend to the overall experience. Stay Tuned!

Hear Again Radio Project is a collective of theater artists that fully explore the medium of radio drama to entertain and enhance the human experience. Through Live Performance, workshops, and intimate storytelling, we strive to honor the history of radio drama pioneers and develop new audiences for radio performance across invisible and expansive technologies.


Theatre Philadelphia – A Year in Review

On today’s podcast, I spend a lunch hour with Kevin Glaccum and Leigh Goldenberg of Theatre Philadelphia to talk about the year in review. With so many shows produced, The Barrymores and the efforts to market and promote them, there is so much to look back on. We are truly fortunate to have such a community at our fingertips. Stick around for the end and here an outtake of the fun of pre-recording Rep Radio. Happy Holidays!



Founded in 2012, Theatre Philadelphia is dedicated to bringing together and celebrating Philadelphia’s diverse and growing theatre community. We are committed to leading efforts that grow audiences and promote the public’s participation in this community’s work. Over the past several decades, Philadelphia has transformed into a major regional theatre community, with a remarkable blossoming of new companies and new buildings, a growing pool of exceptional artists, and fiercely committed and curious audiences and supporters. Theatre Philadelphia envisions a region that celebrates this growing and ever-changing theatre community – nurturing local theatre artists, fostering the creation of extraordinary work, forging stronger connections between our art and audiences – recognizing that a diverse, robust, and thriving theatre community can play a pivotal role in making Philadelphia a world-class city. Theatre Philadelphia’s programs include this website, the annual Barrymore Awards, and strategies for audience awareness and growth.



1812’s This Is The Week That Is – 2017

On today’s podcast, I catch up with Susan Riley Stevens and newbie, Jensen Titus Lavallee to talk about 1812’s “This Is The Week That Is”. What on earth could they have to say this year with a fairly quiet administration? Stay Tuned!

This Is The Week That Is, an 1812 staple of the year’s end.

1812’s annual political comedy is taking off the gloves and getting ready to hop in the ring with the most unpredictable administration in modern history. Now in its 12th year, 1812’s signature production features new faces and returning favorite—Sean at the news desk, Dave in the lobby, and Patsy on her stoop. Get ready to laugh. Bigly.




Written & Performed by

Jennifer Childs, Sean Close, Dave Jadico,

Susan Riley Stevens, Rob Tucker, and Jenson Titus Lavallee

Head News Writer  Don Montrey

Music Director Rob Tucker

Directed by Jennifer Childs


Walnut’s “Souvenir, A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins”

On today’s podcast, I had the opportunity to chat with Jonas Cohen, who plays Cosmé McMoon, the new pianist whose challenge is to compliment and complete on Florence Foster Jenkins, an eccentric and wealthy socialite who believes plays host to the soul of an enchanting coloratura soprano, played by Rebecca Robbins. Jonas, is not new to this role, as we discuss. It becomes clear that the production is very much Cosmé’s journey as it is that of “Flo”, as he intimately calls her. We dig deep and give in so, sit back and enjoy. Stay Tuned!

Jonas Cohen and Rebecca Robbins. Photo by Mark Gavin


It’s time to believe again in the power of music! Souvenir is the true story of one of opera’s most unforgettable stars. Florence Foster Jenkins, an eccentric and wealthy socialite, believes she is an enchanting coloratura soprano and she wants to share her talent with the world. After teaming up with a new pianist, Cosmé McMoon, she begins to hold recitals at the Ritz Carlton, festooned in fabulous costumes. She becomes a sensation! Unfortunately, the truth is Mrs. Jenkins can’t sing. But, there’s more than one way to get to Carnegie Hall… Based on a true story, this tuneful comedy beguiles the hopeful artist that lives in us all.