The Fortress

On today’s podcast, Rep Radio alum, Hank Curry, dropped by with a few participants in his latest artistic offering, The Fortress. This immersive piece is part walking tour, part history journey as it takes place in the Independence National Historical Park. Stay Tuned!


What happens when Keaton meets Kafka? Between high-brow philosophy and low-brow slapstick you will find The Fortress, a picaresque journey through bureaucracy, power plays, and screwball romance that seeks to combine the worldviews of two of the twentieth century’s most brilliant and absurd creative minds. Mr. Locht has come to a strange town to make a sale to the mysterious Viscount, only to find himself navigating a labyrinth of dual identities, vaudevillian double-talk, and comic chases that will either end in disaster or entrance to the Viscount’s elusive Fortress…or both.


Buzz, Buzz…Theatre Exile’s BUZZER

On today’s podcast, Director Matt Pfeiffer talks about the Tracey Scott Wilson play, “BUZZER”, onstage at Theatre Exile. As our neighborhood show signs of gentrification, the final play of their 20th season, among many this season, could not be more timely. We talk about recent neighborhood events and tie it to the conflicts in the piece. Stay Tuned.


Jackson, an upwardly mobile black attorney, has just bought an apartment in a transitioning neighborhood in Brooklyn. He sees the potential of his old neighborhood, as does his white girlfriend Suzy…at first. When Jackson’s childhood friend Don leaves rehab to crash with them, the trio quickly becomes trapped between the tensions inside their own home and the dangers that may lurk outside.


PAC’s The White Devil

On today’s podcast, Artistic Director and Co-Founder, Damon Bonetti, stopped by to talk about the Philadelphia Artists Collective production of “The White Devil” by John Webster. This production has been reimagined in film-noir style. We also talk about movies and what elements of noir are such a draw to us. Stay Tuned!


Infidelity, adultery, and betrayal spark a seething retribution. Passions are revealed as the body count rises and blood runs cold. John Webster’s taut Jacobean tragedy explores the violence teeming underneath the veneer of a civilized society. Featuring Charlotte Northeast as Vittoria, on trial for the murder of her husband, and Dan Hodge as her less-than-upright brother Flaminio in this film noir-inspired production.



Rebroadcast: A User’s Manual

On today’s podcast, we connect with Thomas Choinacky to talk about a new work titled “A User’s Manual”. At the time of the interview, Thomas was on location at Washington College in Maryland with Applied Mechanics doing a residency of their FringeArts production of FEED.


A USER’S MANUAL is a performance designed in response to how the body is constantly manipulated by architecture. Drawing attention to structures, sounds, textures, and history of space, each performance catalogues the memory of site. This dance maps the imagined histories discovered through the cracks, smells, scars, and growths in the given moment.

This is cataloguing of architecture and space
This is a responsive movement score
This is interdisciplinary

A USER’S MANUAL makes visible how humans are constantly affected by the surroundings we pass through and by the architectures we build.

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1812’s Happy Birthday

On today’s podcast, I am joined by Director, Trey Lyford and Actress, Suli Holum to talk about the 1812 Productions…production of “Happy Birthday” by Marc Camoletti. This farce receives its Philadelphia Premiere though, you may be familiar with Camoletti’s work. The production “Boeing, Boeing” broke records after a successful run in London as well as “Don’t Dress For Dinner”. This production features three married couples so, I had to chat about the conversations behind the scenes! Stay Tuned!








It’s 1983 in the UK. Margaret Thatcher is in power and all of the excesses of the 80’s are on full display. First we meet Bernard, who has a perfect plan to have a birthday party for his mistress, Brigit, at his home with his wife, Jacqueline, none the wiser. He ropes his best friend Robert into his scheme, unaware that Robert and Jacqueline have been having an affair of their own. Enter the savvy new maid-for-hire, also named Brigit, and it’s off to the races as everyone in the household tries to keep everyone else from discovering their own bit of scandal. Lightning fast and full of twists and surprises, only the working class maid can keep her finger on this bourgeois pulse, and she is more than happy to cash in on the excitement.