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Today’s podcast marks the first episode of ACTING OUT with Chris Morse. In this podcast, Chris meets Jerry Rudasill at the Jazz Cafe of the same name to find out what makes Jerry “ACT OUT”!

After having taught at The Lawrenceville School and a brief stint as a resident company member at Hedgerow, Jerry Rudasill began his Philadelphia theater career as an independent writer and director in University City from 1996 – 1998. After taking a hiatus from the theater community until 2005, he returned working almost exclusively as an actor for developing plays, independent films, and mainstage productions. He has appeared in productions for various theater companies in the city, ranging from Azuka, The Waitstaff, Curio Theater Company, Philadelphia Theater Workshop, Shakespeare in Clark Park, Iron Age Theater, and Plays and Players. (From The Theatre Alliance Member Page)


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103 – Seth Rozin

Today’s podcast features Seth Rozin, Artistic Director of Interact Theatre Company. Kristen goes “Inside The Writer’s Mind”.

160- A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s most exuberant and effervescent comedy, brought to you by “the city’s most consistent producer of the Bard’s work.” –Philadelphia Weekly

Young lovers Hermia and Lysander, kept apart by strict Athenian law, escape to the woods where tyrannical parents can’t find them – but mischief can. Elsewhere among the trees, the fairy king and queen are having a marital spat with disastrous consequences for one Nick Bottom. Rediscover your favorite characters in a lively production that puts you in the middle of all the midsummer romance and magic!

“Lantern Theater [Company] continues its success with Shakespeare by giving us a funny, lusty, rowdy, charming production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” –Philadelphia Inquirer [More]

“I can’t think of a better antidote for the spring fever itch than A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s take on love mistaken for infatuation and vice versa. Despite its small stage (or maybe because of it), Lantern Theater Company is noted for excellent presentations of Shakespeare. This production is no exception.” –Broad Street Review [More]

“There are plenty of big rewards in Charles McMahon’s high-octane production at Lantern Theater Co.” –Philadelphia City Paper [More]

“Head over to the Lantern Theater Company for the laugh of your life!” –Philly Broadcaster [More]

“The ensemble is strong and the show is fantastic.”–CurtainUp [More]

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102 – Catherine Rush

Today, Kristen goes “Inside” the mind of local playwright who is also the Playwright in Residence with Bckseet Productions. Catherine’s play “Losing The Shore”, now on stage at the “SkyBox” at The Adrienne! Stay Tuned!

Join politician Adlai Stevenson in his elegant shipboard stateroom between elections circa 1953 where within minutes of boarding, he is surprised by his mistress, Alicia Patterson. Guggenheim.

With manners at the forefront and a generational gap in the passenger list, Adlai and Alicia are left to defend the tumultuous wake they have left for their younger and equally troubled travelers Ruth, Tense, and Stuyvesant.

A historical fiction speculating about a real cruise taken by Stevenson, this ocean voyage parallels the sentencing of the Rosenbergs. With drinking, laughing and praying as their only solace, will the combined baggage of these five passengers make it to their new destination? Or, will their collective, yet fragmented red scare American psyche force them to lose sight of the shore?

This world premiere run will also feature a Monday Night Reading Series of Rush’s works under the direction of Michael Durkin.

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101 – Jaqueline Goldfinger

On today’s episode, Kristen Scatton gets to know local playwright and dramaturg Jackie Goldfinger. Get to know Jackie here as Kristen goes “Inside The Writer’s Mind”!


DMIIW – John Doyle and Randall Wise

Today’s podcast feature John Doyle and Randall Wise, the Direction and Design team behind Iron Age Theatre. Get to know these guys on and off the stage on this episode of Direct Me If I’m Wrong!