SoLow Festival
SoLow Festival 2017 — “FIGHT OR FLIGHT ” Episodes


We are giving SoLow Artists an opportunity to tell us about their work in their own way. We asked them to send us a short recording telling us the Why, Who, What, Where and When about their projects.


The 2017 SoLow Festival is do-it yourself festival dedicated to new, experimental work focusing on solo performance with low-maintenance and low-stress. We are a compilation of artistic opportunity to provide an impetus for artists of all disciplines to create work that you never thought you could. With all shows being pay-what-you-can (PWYC), we proudly present audiences exposure to performers breaking new ground in the raw.



In the tradition of keeping things simple, we would like to offer you a free promotion! The most important part of your project is the WHY! Why produce this work? Why bring it to life? We want to know. So, Lead with the WHY! REP RADIO wants to support all of you in a very unique way. We want  to create a few episodes that simply promote your SoLow project.


Here’s how you can participate…


JUST HIT RECORD! No matter what device you have, iPhone, iPod, smart phone, computer, as long as you have a built-in record, you can participate.


Simply answer the following questions…




Please submit all recordings by June 11, 2017!


Files can be dropped here. Please include any promotional materials you may want to go along with your clip. (Add a description of your file. Example: “SoLow 2017 -…”)

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