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Tag: 2016

Inside: Greg Nanni

On today’s podcast, we take a trip back to November 2016 and chat with Playwright, Greg Nanni. When the idea for “Commuter” came about, I wanted to bank a few episodes before releasing. Following the Septa model, we are running behind schedule. So, here’s the interview with Greg that took place after the reading. We will release the reading as soon as the trains start running again. Stay Tuned!


Greg Nanni is a playwright, comic book writer, and marketer living in the Philadelphia area. He is a member of Witherspoon CirclePassage Play Lab, a former PDC Playwright in Residence at Plays & Players,  the Literary Manager of the Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium, and the former Marketing Manager of Plays & Players Theatre. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Moderator of the PDC Playwrights’ Happy Hour. He is the Co-Writer of the Youtube Series Bar-N-Tavern. He is the Assistant Sales Manager at the Bucks County Playhouse, a board member of the PDC, and has interned with Azuka Theatre in the past. He was the cofounder and editor of The Rome Review, a printed literary magazine. His One Act plays have been featured in 24 Hour Festivals and Readings throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, and have been produced nation-wide. He is a graduate of the George Washington University.





Rebroadcast: White Pines – Ben Lloyd

On today’s podcast, I venture to Elkins Park to get to know White Pines Productions. Artistic Director, Ben Lloyd takes us through the history of White Pines as the next “Bright Nights Dinner Theater” approaches. We also talk about what’s coming up in the season. Stay Tuned!



White Pines Productions, Inc. is dedicated to transforming people’s lives through performance creativity. We do this by nurturing the citizen artist, who is committed to using his/her creative gifts in service to communities.

We offer classes and workshops in the performing arts to all ages including children, adults, seniors and people with special needs; we present shows performed by our ensemble, Bright Invention; we offer special programs off-site such as corporate training and development, and special Bright Invention shows for schools and groups; and we offer support to other artists through residencies and special programs.



COMMUTER – #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday We are prepping for the new series. The first play has been recorded but, we need your help to make our connection! Consider supporting our new project by donating today!


Bullfrogs In The Snow – Episode 3

#PhillyFringe16 – BULLFROGS IN THE SNOW – Episode 3
Digital Fringe Project – By: Chris Davis

There are five episodes. Each episode contains a few chapters. To truly immerse yourself in the experience, please go to the location indicated on each Episode.

Episode 3 – The Sugar Refinery – Formerly “Sugar Moms” – Old City

225 Church St., Philadelphia, PA

Please go to the parking lot outside the now defunct bar Sugar Moms in Old City.  Sugar refining was once one of Philadelphia’s biggest industries.  The casino Sugarhouse is built atop what once was the Jack Frost refinery.  The now defunct bar Sugar Moms on Church Street was the oldest sugar refinery in the United States. This is a story about the Franklin Sugar Refinery in Philadelphia, a refinery that was once the largest in the world producing 90% of America’s sugar.  While listening to the chapter walk around Old City and imagine what it once was like.

Listen to excerpts of Chris Davis’ debut novel Bull Frogs in the Snow while exploring the city of Philadelphia. Each chapter is written for a specific location in the city, follow the online map, put on your headphones, and experience the city from an entirely new perspective.

Enjoy the novel? Producing and hosting this website costs a good amount. Please consider giving a donation through Paypal. Any donation no matter what the size is much appreciated.

Donate here

Presented as part of the Fringe Arts – Digital Fringe


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