IRC’s “The Bald Soprano” on display.

On today’s podcast, I went to a rehearsal for Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium’s production of “The Bald Soprano” by Eugene Ionesco. My last experience with this piece was back in 2010 when Brat Productions produced a 24-Hour version of the piece at the Annenberg Center. The piece is about 65 minutes and moves at that pace but, so much is going on that you cannot help but focus in on the segmented moments where the work the cast has put into interpretation is clearly on display. IRC’s production is no different.

The space always lends dramatically to an Ionesco piece and this production will be staged at the Bethany Mission Gallery in the Fairmount area of Philadelphia. This rehearsal took place at The BeardCave in University City. Stay Tuned.


The collapse of reality, a tragedy of language: classic absurdism freshly conceived! Ionesco awash in a world gone awry—causality means nothing, numbers don’t add up, names have no validity, existence is surreal. A comedy for our time, at Bethany Mission Gallery, the ultimate evening of Idiopathic outsider art!







Eugene Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano

Jean Giraudoux’s The Enchanted

On today’s podcast, I take a trip to an enchanted forest setup at Walnut Street Theatre, Studio 5 to search for Tina Brock of Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium. We wander through this forest talking about “The Enchanted by Jean Giraudoux”, the production’s many elements among the backdrop of an absurd political climate. Stay Tuned!

John D’Alonzo and Anna Lou Hearn in IRC’s “The Enchanted”


By Jean Giraudoux

“A fascinating, absorbing adventure, full of grace and wit.”
–NY Times

A schoolteacher in a provincial French town is seduced by the ghost of a murderer. With the aid of the village doctor, she seeks answers regarding the riddle of death. Enter her lover–an ardent bureaucrat who hopes his well-calibrated love will keep her earthbound.

A poetically musical and mercurial classic, a clash between the struggles of life and the mystery of death, The Enchanted is the perfect platform for Giraudoux to exercise his signature playful theatricality: characters hilariously and whimsically debate whether our fear of death fuels our love of life and whether the dead could outvote the living if they imprudently returned.

Translated by Maurice Valency



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Into The Absurd with Tina Brock

On today’s podcast, Tina Brock recaps the season of Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium(IRC) and prepares to go “Into The Absurd”, a staged reading series that focuses of the dialogue and fosters conversation with the audience getting to know IRC. Stay Tuned!



Sounds of Silence: Radio Plays by Beckett and Pinter features two works originally written for radio: Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Radio II and Harold Pinter’s Family Voices.  The pair will be brought to life Sunday, July 24 @ 7:30 pm at LEtage Cabaret by IRC performers Andrew Carroll, Tina Brock, David Stanger and Bob Schmidt.  Admission is free, with Pay What You Can contributions accepted.

Seating is limited, tickets are suggested:

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Classic hysteria in Ionesco’s “#Rhinoceros”

On Today’s podcast, Ken Cohen is joined by Artistic Director Tina Brock who talks about the IRC production of “Rhinoceros”. Stay Tuned!



Classic Ionesco comedy! A contagious hysteria is sweeping the city. One by one, residents grow horns, trample flowerbeds, decimate buildings—a citizenry gone gaga for conformity. Two friends struggle to maintain their identity and sanity. Who will turn next? From the team behind Kafka’s The Castle, Fringe Festival 2013.


ACTING OUT with Jared Reed

On today’s podcast, Brock Vickers catches Jared Reed, ACTING OUT in Media! Jared sat down with REP RADIO to talk about becoming MACBETH in the Hedgerow production directed by Dan Hodge and feature a cast of exceptional Philadelphia favorites! Stay Tuned!



Jared Reed is a founding member of Curio Theatre. Jared is a graduate of the Juilliard School in Drama. He has appeared Off-Broadway at The Roundabout and starred in The Woman in Black at the Minetta Lane. Some of his regional theatre credits include Seattle Repertory, McCarter Theatre, Yale Repertory, the Huntingdon, The Old Globe in San Diego. His most recent regional performance was at the Walnut Street Theatre inThe Philadelphia Story. Jared worked as lighting and sound designer for ten years at Hedgerow Theatre, Rose Valley, PA and has also taught summer drama programs for the past ten years. He has written and directed many shows at Hedgerow Theatre and for Curio, including Great ExpectationsThe Iliad, and The Hanging.


Why is Shakespeare’s “Scottish play” the perfect autumn thriller? It has it all!  Deceit, intrigue, treachery, murder, backstabbing (literally!), plus witchcraft and ghosts give it the spooky feel that sets you on the edge of your seat.  Director Dan Hodge (of the acclaimed Philadelphia Artists Collective) is crafting a fast-moving production different than any other version you’ve seen. He’s placed it just after the First World War, full of the occult and the birth or our modern world, but still the classic tale of a man and his wife, temptation, and the  prophecies made by a trio of witches. The acclaimed Hedgerow Stage and the bare stone walls provide the perfect backdrop for a spooky, bloody, war-torn world where “something wicked this way comes.”


F.Otto Haas Award Nominee — Liz Filios

Today’s podcast features F. Otto Haas Award Nominee Liz Filios. Brock Vickers caught up with her to talk about her creative pursuits which are as diverse as many of the amazing nominees before her. Find out more about Liz in this episode. Stay Tuned!










Liz studied Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan, and went on to train in Commedia dell’Arte with Antonio Fava; Physical Theatre and Theatre of the Grotesque with Pig Iron Theatre Company; Classical Voice with Simone Luti; and Directing with the Cape Town Opera Company in South Africa. She has had the opportunity to travel and perform in India, Japan, Russia and Italy, and to worklocally with some of Philly’s finest, including 11th Hour Theatre Co., Act II Playhouse, the Arden Theatre, the Walnut Street Theatre, and the Wilma Theater. Liz has also worked as a teacher, writer, composer, recording artist, and a host for PBS Kids Sprout. She appeared as Private Stew in the Bearded Ladies’ BACK IN THE ARMY and as Jeanette/Edith/Ensemble in NO REGRETS: A PIAF AFFAIR.


2013 F.Otto Haas Award Nominee — Jackie Goldfinger

Inside the Writer’s Mind should be called, “What’s up with Jackie”! Probably the most covered playwright on REP RADIO. Why? Because, we love her! Why else? Because, Philadelphia loves her too! So much that we have identified her as an Emerging Artist year after year after year! Will this be the year for Jackie?! Stay Tuned!



Jacqueline Goldfinger is a Barrymore Award-winning playwright based in Philadelphia, PA and the Playwright-in-Residence at Azuka Theatre Company (M.F.A. University of Southern California; B.A. Agnes Scott College).
She is an Adjunct Professor of Playwriting at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and University of the Arts (UArts). She is also a Co-Founder of The Foundry which is an organization that supports the development of emerging playwrights in Philadelphia.

Visit her online at: