The Ideal Candidate – New City Stage Company

On today’s podcast, Ginger Aña Dayla joins to talk about New City Stage Company’s work in progress, “The Ideal Candidate”. The political pop-up dinner performance feels plucked from today’s news cycle and is part of Philly Theatre Week. Stay Tuned!









Republican Senator Eugene Worthington is ready to retire from a life of public service but needs to help his fiancée, conservative Las Vegas Mayor Belinda Schwartz win his seat while also getting his healthcare bill through. Everything seems fine until a harmless chance meeting with adult film star Krystal Myst spurs a torrent of media attention. Krystal wonders if perhaps the best person to represent the great state of Nevada… is her? Set in the very current political environment where rules were made to be broken, “The Ideal Candidate” examines what happens when a non-traditional office seeker tests the limits of what is normal, what is right, what will sell and where do we go from here.


Part of Philly Theatre Week

Shed some light on HELLO BLACKOUT

In the middle of Fringe Arts, it can be a challenge to catch up to the many artists who are presenting work. But, that won’t stop us here. Today, I caught up with Whit MacLaughlin on the phone on his way to one of many destinations in his artistic hustle to chat about HELLO BLACKOUT. There is a lot of thought behind an NPL piece and Whit is the best to explain and express the motives of NPL work. So, take a listen to our interview with Whit MacLaughlin for New Paradise Laboratories production of HELLO BLACKOUT. Stay Tuned!


HELLO BLACKOUT! is theatre with a philosophical brain and an unpredictable heart. It follows the eccentric Kissimmee family ⎯ triplets, their mother, and an enigmatic father ⎯ back to the beginning of time. Blackouts engulf the family as they slam into an inexplicable future, with grim and hilarious results.

A pageant for this contemporary American moment, NPL presents a world where everything is unprecedented, and the final outcome is anyone’s guess.







Hello Blackout!

Rebroadcast: We The Detectives

On today’s podcast, Whit MacLaughlin, Artistic Director of New Paradise Laboratories stops by to talk about GUMSHOE 101, a collaboration with the Free library of Philadelphia and the Rosenbach. This immersive experience takes you on a tour of the Free Library’s bones in an effort to find the truth. Stay Tuned!



New Paradise Laboratories invites you into an immersive adventure in detection. GUMSHOE is also an expedition into the treasures of the great Parkway Central Library. It will blend disguise, subterfuge, infiltration, half-truths, and bald-faced lies, to get to the bottom of a crime that hasn’t yet happened. We’ll lead you through secret doors and down escape hatches, both real and imagined, into the underbelly of the building. The truth of life is its mystery.



Rebroadcast: Steve Pacek – A New Brain

On today’s podcast, I chat with Steve Pacek, featured in Theatre Horizon’s “A New Brain”. It’s been 4 years since the 2012 F. Otto Haas Award Winner has chatted with us and this production has been a part of his life for some time. Let’s play catch up! Stay Tuned!



This autobiographical musical comedy from Tony Award-winners William Finn (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) and James Lapine (Into the Woods) explores one man’s quest for a second chance at life. After a children’s television songwriter receives a life-changing diagnosis, he struggles to come to terms with his creative ambitions and family relationships. In an unforgettable performance, Barrymore Award-winning actor Steve Pacek leads a cast of Philadelphia’s top vocalists through this gorgeous musical about how we spend the time we are given.



From Roseburg with Love?

On today’s podcast, we are joined by Ginger Dayle, Artistic Director of New City Stage Company whose conceived piece shining a light on the events that took place in Oregon in 1968 and 2015, has generated some feedback not necessarily expected. After all, what is theater without a little drama? Stay Tuned!



On May 27, 1968, Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy gave a speech on gun control on the steps of the Douglas County Courthouse in Roseburg, Oregon. He was heckled and went on to lose the Democratic primary in that state… a week later his life would be cut short by an assassin’s bullet.

Almost 47 years later on October 1, 2015, the sleepy logging town found itself in the spotlight of the second amendment controversy yet again. A mentally disturbed student opened fire in a classroom at Umpqua Community College killing nine and injuring several more before turning his gun on himself.

ROSEBURG examines the simmering synapses between the gun control argument of the Vietnam era and its stepchild; the modern Twitterverse, that holds any and every conflict under the microscope of bipartisan disdain and infotainment ennui. Why are we still arguing about this and when will the killings cease?

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Push the button, to “Jamaica”!

On today’s podcast, we take a trip to North Philadelphia’s New Freedom Theatre to chat with Guest Artistic Director, Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj recap his season and talk about the current production, “Jamaica”. Stay Tuned.



A small island off the coast of Jamaica, tells about a simple island community fighting to avoid being overrun by American commercialism. A beautiful island girl, Savannah, longs to escape to New York City to live a life of modern conveniences. She is tempted to accept the marriage proposal of a New York businessman visiting the island. However, when an impoverished fisherman, Koli, saves her younger brother’s life during a hurricane, she opts to remain with him.

Arlen’s music parodies the popular form of Calypso, which was popular in the 1950’s, largely as a result of the popularity of Harry Belafonte, for whom the musical was originally written. Belafonte withdrew from the production due to illness, and the musical was then tailored around the talents of Lena Horne.

This exciting musical comedy is directed and choreographed by award-winning artist, educator and activist Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj.


Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj is an Indo-Caribbean American artist, educator and activist. He was hailed in the New York Times as “one of the most talented directors in New York these days”. His is currently the Resident Guest Artistic Director of the historic and award-winning Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia. He is also the Producing Artistic Director of Rebel Theater Company (Brooklyn, NY)



Drama behind the Drama as #LightsRiseOnGrace

I’ve had several conversations with playwright Chad Beckim about the production, “Lights Rise On Grace”, brought to the stage by Azuka Theatre Company. Our first interview was a more standard breakdown of the history of the piece as it made its way from NYC Fringe to Woolly Mammoth to Stageworks and now, to Azuka. The first interview was a wash due to technical difficulties but, the time between the first and the final recorded interview brought to light responses from critics and theatergoers that made for a more broad discussion about who should bring such stories to light, how to handle such content and white privilege. Needless to say, art is subjective and everyone owes it to themselves to experience the work on their own and form their own opinions. But, this interview reminds me of why REP RADIO exists. Our goal is to support, promote, engage and inspire the arts community by igniting the ghost light that shines on the stages of the up and coming, the unsung heroes, the brilliant writers and the dynamic designers. In this interview with Chad Beckim, we talk about dealing with the public’s response to art in creation and the back and forth surround the content of this production and a question of who has the right to present such work. This is a production that there needs to be more of. Whatever your position about this piece, the conversation that comes up is one that serves its purpose and validates the artists who boldly tackle the work. With that, I give you my interview with playwright Chad Beckim talking about Azuka Theatre’s “Barrymore Recommended” production of “Lights Rise On Grace”. Stay Tuned!



A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere!
November 4-22, 2015
The Adrienne Theater | 2030 Sansom Street 
By Chad Beckim
Directed by Kevin Glaccum
Grace takes a chance on Large. Large takes a chance on Riece. Can these three broken but brave lovers hold a family together when all they can do is tear each other apart? Across race and cultural lines, the common language is love. Named Outstanding New Play for its workshop at the New York Fringe, Lights Rise on Grace strips bare the issues of incarceration, sexuality and family.


Chad is a New York City based playwright whose writing credits include …a matter of choice, `nami(which received its West Coast premiere at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles in October, 2007), Lights Rise on Grace (Winner, Outstanding Play, 2007 NY Inti’l. Fringe Festival; Finalist for the 2007 Princess Grace Award; Finalist for Ojai Playwrights’ Conference), The Main(e) Play (Semi-Finalist, The O’Neill Festival), That Men Do (Member of The Lark’s 2009 “Playwright’s Week” and Naked Angels “Out Loud” Series), Mercy and most recently the critically and audience acclaimed After. He has also authored a number of shorts and one-acts, including The Fluffer and Marvel Super Hero Squad (both produced at Ars Nova), Tha Bess Shit, Alexander Pays a Visit,Blac(c)ident, and Last First Kiss, which was adapted into a Columbia Grad film and produced in July, 2008. Mr. Beckim holds an MFA in Playwrighting from Mac Wellman’s Brooklyn College’s Program, and in July of 2007 was named one of “50 Playwrights to Watch” by the Dramatists Guild. His work has been published by Samuel French, Playscripts, Smith & Krauss, and in the Plays and Playwrights 2007 collection by NYTE. He is a proud member of Ars Nova’s acclaimed “Play Group,” and is currently finishing an original pilot script entitled “The Fam.” Mr. Beckim is a co-Founder and co-Artistic Director of Partial Comfort Productions.