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Matt Decker directs Peter and the Starcatcher

On today’s podcast, I make my annual visit with director, Matt Decker. This time, we talk about Theatre Horizon’s production of “Peter and the Starcatcher”. This regional production is placed on a smaller stage with a relatable setting that breathes new life into this tale that is fun for the whole family. Stay Tuned!









With virtuosity, imagination, and stunning theatricality, a dozen musicians and storytellers use handmade magic to conjure ships and stardust, create more than 100 characters, and ultimately upend the familiar story of how a fearless girl inspires an orphan boy to become the legendary Peter Pan. Helmed by Matthew Decker, director of Theatre Horizon’s smash hit Into the Woods, this 5-time Tony Award-winning show is a song-filled adventure full of grown-up savvy and childlike wonder.





Our Few and Evil Days – Inis Nua

On today’s podcast, I have one of the most cryptic conversations with director, Tom Reing about the American Premiere of “Our Few and Evil Days”. We breakdown the boxes the characters are in and how they manage to get there. All while dancing around the elephant in the room. The production encompasses the Proscenium at the Drake in largest-scale scenic design for Inis Nua Theatre Company. Stay Tuned!











Daughter brings home beau to meet the parents. It’s all so normal, but this perfect family photo is about to slip out of the frame. Elements of Gothic horror poke sharply into this story of unsettling domesticity as obsession, guilt and agony reveal devotion’s dark side.





4 Hollinger Plays

On today’s podcast, I facilitate a roundtable discussion with three of the four directors tackling the works of Michael Hollinger this season. As an added bonus, Mr. Hollinger joins us! We attempt to identify the Hollinger lens, the women in the plays and the themes that present a sense of urgency. Stay Tuned!


Red Herring – noir comedy about marriage and other explosive devices. 

Three love stories, a murder mystery, and a nuclear espionage plot converge in this noir comedy about marriage and other explosive devices. It’s 1952: America’s on the verge of the H-bomb, Dwight Eisenhower’s on the campaign trail

Director: David Bradley

TouchTones – revolves around a phone sex office. 

A new musical comedy about love, sex, and the fantasy at the other end of the line… 

It’s 1999, the cusp of a new millennium, and technology promises intimacy as well as anonymity. Christine and her fiancé Justin wander into this titillating world of role-play, secret delights, and shifting identities; but who will they be when they come out again? (And will they recognize themselves?)

Director: Emmanuelle Delpech

Sing The Body Electric – revolves around a lightning strike and scars left over. 

Jess is tanking in Physics, so her mom hires Lloyd to help her pass. But she’d rather study his son, the survivor of a lightning strike that killed his girlfriend a year ago, and tattooed his body with elegant scars. When Lloyd and Mom hit it off, these two broken families are bound ever closer, inexorably — with explosive results. An intricate, atmospheric tale of love, sex, and the unseen forces that draw us together and drive us apart.

Content Warning: Sing the Body Electric contains references to domestic abuse and suicide.

Director: Deborah Block

Hope and Gravity – revolves around an elevator accident. 

When an elevator crashes in a major city, nine lives intersect in surprising ways–through love and sex, poetry and dentistry, in offices, homes, and hotel rooms. By turns comic and profound, Hope and Gravity traces the delicate and miraculous threads that connect us all.

Director: Jennifer Childs 


Eric Writes The Plays

On today’s podcast, R. Eric Thomas dials in to talk about the last year and the World Premiere of Mrs Harrison, produced by Azuka Theatre Company. Between his Elle contribution, “Eric Reads The News”, his stint at “The Moth” and member of “The Foundry”, Eric manages to pump out dynamic stories the peak the curiosity of Philadelphia stages with a few commissions along the way. Stay Tuned!


This new play by Barrymore Award-winning playwright R. Eric Thomas, is about two women and one story. At their 10-year college reunion, Aisha and Holly meet by chance. Is this the first time or has it just been a long time? They can’t agree. Aisha is a black, successful playwright; she’s on the cover of the alumni magazine. Holly is a white, struggling stand-up comedian; she’s here for the free drinks. They both have a story that they’ve been telling themselves about what happened all those years ago and they’re both willing to fight for the truth in the present.


http://azukatheatre.org and http://rericthomas.com


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