Lantern’s Coriolanus

On today’s podcast, I return to Lantern Theater Company to talk with Artistic Director, Charles McMahon about Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”. As if the staging was not enough, Lantern has provided additional content on their website for those wishing to dig deep into the politics of the play, even drawing comparisons of Coriolanus to Alexander Hamilton.  Stay Tuned!

Pictured: Mary Lee Bednarek as Virgilia and Robert Lyons as Coriolanus in Lantern Theater Company’s production of Coriolanus by William Shakespeare, onstage now through April 16, 2017. Photo by Mark Garvin.


Famine threatens Rome, and the people’s hunger swells to an appetite for political change. A war hero from a powerful family, Coriolanus seems destined to be elected consul – but the people find his pride an unforgivable insult, exploding the long-simmering tensions between the fracturing state’s governing elite and deprived masses. This timely story of radical class division is also a compelling psychological portrait of Coriolanus and his politically savvy mother, Volumnia, played by internationally acclaimed actress, director, and author Tina Packer.



Othello for St. Jude

Today’s podcast brings us to Temple University for a charity production of Shakespeare’s “Othello”. It’s always interesting the time traveling capability of a Shakespearean play. Find out where we will go on this journey. Stay Tuned!

Othello for St. Jude









Othello, esteemed General of the Allied Forces, thrives to live a proud, successful life with his new bride. Ensign to the General, Iago, also thrives to live a successful life, and is wiling to sacrifice morality and much more to reach his goals. This political thriller has been organized as a St.Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Special Event, all proceeds to benefit Children’s Cancer Research.

Directed and produced by:
Alex Monsell

Pay What You Can.
All Proceeds to benefit St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
St.Jude’s Event Code: FKEO58369D14


Caesar’s Tragedy

Today’s podcast features the cast of Lantern Theater’s production of “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”. I’m often reminded of that scene in Mean Girls where Gretchen talks about stabbing Caesar…yeah, this ain’t it. Did I mention what a stellar cast Lantern pulled together! Stay Tuned!



The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Charles McMahon
February 6 – March 16, 2014

Idealism, envy, and power politics collide as the Roman Republic reaches a crisis. Caesar’s political genius, military prowess, and overwhelming popular appeal make him the most powerful leader the Republic has ever known. But his popularity breeds suspicion among his rivals and some fear Caesar’s power will corrode the freedom of the State. Shakespeare’s vision of Rome is both epic and intimate, from powerful speeches in grand public squares to whispered conspiracies in back rooms and dark hallways. There in the shadows, unlikely alliances set up a chain of events that bring down the great Caesar and thrust Rome into a disastrous civil war. Tony Award nominee Forrest McClendon leads an all-Philadelphia cast in Shakespeare’s timeless political thriller, brought to you by “the city’s top presenter of Shakespeare’s work.” (


Let’s talk about SEX…and SHAKESPEARE!

Today’s podcast takes us to New York City with the introduction of our new contributor, Will Amato! In this podcast, we get down and dirty to explore Sex and Shakespeare. You may already be aware or this may spark your interest in digging deeper into the words on the page. Stay Tuned!


ABOUT Melinda Hall

Melinda Hall, Producer & Director and has over 20 years producing and directing experience for film and theatre. She specializes in directing and coaching Shakespeare.

The Call for Readers will open March 20, 2014 and you simply email us at that time to tell us you are interested.
Sonnets are assigned randomly. All ages are welcome.
You can read your Sonnet or perform your Sonnet however you wish. If you our list fills up, don’t worry. People drop out and we need wait list and Standby Readers. Do plan to spend the afternoon with us. Sonnets are read in numerical order. Everyone checks in one hour prior the Slam start.


ACTING OUT with Jared Reed

On today’s podcast, Brock Vickers catches Jared Reed, ACTING OUT in Media! Jared sat down with REP RADIO to talk about becoming MACBETH in the Hedgerow production directed by Dan Hodge and feature a cast of exceptional Philadelphia favorites! Stay Tuned!



Jared Reed is a founding member of Curio Theatre. Jared is a graduate of the Juilliard School in Drama. He has appeared Off-Broadway at The Roundabout and starred in The Woman in Black at the Minetta Lane. Some of his regional theatre credits include Seattle Repertory, McCarter Theatre, Yale Repertory, the Huntingdon, The Old Globe in San Diego. His most recent regional performance was at the Walnut Street Theatre inThe Philadelphia Story. Jared worked as lighting and sound designer for ten years at Hedgerow Theatre, Rose Valley, PA and has also taught summer drama programs for the past ten years. He has written and directed many shows at Hedgerow Theatre and for Curio, including Great ExpectationsThe Iliad, and The Hanging.


Why is Shakespeare’s “Scottish play” the perfect autumn thriller? It has it all!  Deceit, intrigue, treachery, murder, backstabbing (literally!), plus witchcraft and ghosts give it the spooky feel that sets you on the edge of your seat.  Director Dan Hodge (of the acclaimed Philadelphia Artists Collective) is crafting a fast-moving production different than any other version you’ve seen. He’s placed it just after the First World War, full of the occult and the birth or our modern world, but still the classic tale of a man and his wife, temptation, and the  prophecies made by a trio of witches. The acclaimed Hedgerow Stage and the bare stone walls provide the perfect backdrop for a spooky, bloody, war-torn world where “something wicked this way comes.”


Same Love “Classically Devised”

Today’s podcast features Krista Apple-Hodge, Director of the Curio Theatre production of Romeo and Juliet. We love Krista and we love Curio, we can only expect the best from this imagined take. Stay Tuned, Brock Vickers, lets us in!


Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet, the adolescent daughters of two warring families, meet and fall desperately in love, starting a heartbreaking chain of events.
Same-sex casting proves
the universality of Shakespeare’s immortal
tragedy of pure, teenage love.

Directed by Krista Apple-Hodge



Scranton “Shakes”, more than Dunder Mifflin!

While we found out about them late, don’t let that stop you from getting to know them. Our new host, Brock Vickers sat down with the team behind the Scranton Shakespeare Festival. Be sure to put them on your list for next season. Stay Tuned!

There's more to Scranton than Dunder Mifflin. Scranton "Shakes" it up!
There’s more to Scranton than Dunder Mifflin. Scranton “Shakes” it up!


It is the mission of the Scranton Shakespeare Festival to give the Northeastern Pennsylvania community and the surrounding area a profound understanding of Shakespeare’s work through innovative performances in professional productions.

Our goal is to bring accessible, free-of-charge, open air theatre to socio-economically diverse audiences and to provide children’s theatre outreach programs to educate not only the audience of today, but also the audience of tomorrow.

We intend to make the Festival an integral part of the community and to contribute to Scranton’s rich theatrical history and a renaissance of theatre in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


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